Top eleven Rules



League Structure:

It’s hard enough understanding soccer leagues in real life, with all the permutations surrounding who will get promoted or relegated to where and why. In Top Eleven, a league has 15 teams including your own. The game will always try to match you up with friends, but it you have none already playing in a league, you will be grouped with strangers. It is at this point that you will realise how Top Eleven differs from the likes of Football Msnager – you are playing against real people, making real decisions and putting real time into the game, just like you are. It must be one of the most social, social games out there.

Each season has 26 fixtures, as in most leagues in real life, every team plays every other team twice, home and away. The League is modelled on Europe’s top divisions, with the best four fnishing teams in each league going into the Champions League. The top seven teams in each league move up a level and come the next season, will be regrouped with other teams of the same ability – and any friends you have at this point too.


NOTE: You will not necessarily be in a League that matches up exactly with your level. If you have lots of friends at higher levels than you, or if there are gaps in other levels that the game needs someone like you to fill, you may find yourself in a slightly harder League than your experience warrants. The difference in ability still shouldn’t be too great.

NOTE: It may look as though you are missing some of your prize money from the Champions League. This can be misleading as you are paid after every match that you play – so the total prize money for the Champions League actually includes all of the matches that you play on the way to the final.

NOTE: It’s easy to go in and out of some Facebook games, forgetting about them for a while until your friends talk you back into it. Bear in mind that with Top Eleven, you only have 70 days of inactivity (i.e. not logging into the game) before your team is completely deleted. You will not be able to get them back.