Earning Coins

Buy in Bulk:

One of the best way to earn Coins in Hay Day is to use the newspaper to buy in bulk. Look through your own newspaper, as well as those of other people, to find construction equipment and other goods, like saws and dynamite. You want items selling in bulk, such as 5 items for 400 Coins. You can then sell each one individually, making a greater number of Coins once all have been sold. Place an advert for the last item that you list – this will mean people will see all the items when they visit the store.

Sell, Sell Sell!:

You should always try to sell any excess items that you have in your Barn or Silo. Not only does this clear room in your storage for future produce, but it nets you a heck of a lot of Coins. Before you go out or go to bed, try to fill every slot in your Roadside Shop. Putting items you have produced from the production buildings in there is best, as they are rarer, rather than items like Eggs and Wheat which everyone’s farms are churning out by the dozen.


Multiple Accounts:

Some players have one main account, which they focus all their efforts into, and other, helper accounts, which they use to support that main account. Things like buying and selling items at favorable prices, helping with Trees and Bushes, and so on. If you think you have the willpower to manage multiple accounts at once, it’s a good way to get ahead at Hay Day.

Mystery Boxes

Every so often you will come across a mystery box, indicated by a stream of stars going up the screen. Tap the box and you may find that it is unlocked. In these cases, the only way to unlock it is to spend some Diamonds. You are allowed to open one mystery crate for free each day – as well as one at a friend’s farm.

The reason these are so important is that they can contain Diamonds, as well as the resources needed to increase storage and expand your farm. You will also get things like shovels and dynamite in the mystery crates, so they should definitely be sought out where possible.

Wheel Of Fortunes

The Wheel of Fortune will visit your farm once a day. You can spin it each time, for free, and receive a free item back. The quality of this item is down to luck, with the more lucrative items being less likely to come up. You can also pay for a free spin using a Diamond.

The Wheel of Fortune truck will wait for a few minutes even after you have spun it, just in case you change your mind and do decide to part with some Diamonds for just one more spin!

Tom  Farm Helper

Once you reach Level 14, you unlock Tom, who is a boy volunteering (initially at least) at your farm. Essentially, you can send him off into the wide world web to find other players selling items that you may need desperately. The first 3 days of his service, you can make use of him for free. He has a two hour recharge time, after which you can tell him to go and find whatever item you wish. He will come back with three options. You can then pay for the one you want, and he will go and fetch it, before falling asleep to recharge.

TIP: If you accept none of the items that Tom offers, he will only rest for 2 minutes before being available to search again.

After the first three days you have been using him, you will then have to pay for Tom’s help using Diamonds. And it’s not cheap. For 1 day, you are expected to pay 15 Diamonds. For 5 days, 60 Diamonds, and 10 Days is 100 Diamonds. So make use of him while you can!