Temple Run 2 : Gameplay


Temple Run 2 – Gameplay

Aim of the game

The objective of this game is simple; run and try not to die trying. You have to navigate through a constant random generated pathway that places nightmarish obstacles that you have to avoid otherwise you will lose! Oh did I mention there is a huge monkey-like creature chasing you that really doesn’t want you to take that idol.
In Game Maneuvers
There are four ways to dodge the obstacles in the game. If you swipe your finger to the left/right, this allows your character to turn at crossroads, avoiding to do so will cause your character to fall off the ledge and plummet to his death. Swiping up allows you to jump, this allows you to jump over gaps and spinning wheels of death! Swiping downwards causes your character to slide on the ground, this allows you to slide underneath some obstacles, like a knocked down tree for example. The last way of dodging an obstacle is to simply tilt your device left or right. Doing so causes your character to either run closer to the right side of the pathway or the left. This only required for one obstacle which is where half the pathway is missing.
New Elements
The game also features two new gameplay elements. One of which is a zipline. Whilst on a zipline you are completly safe. You are still able to lean either left or right which can be used to collect the coins along the zipline. The other element is the minecart. This also consists of leaning, however you are still in danger. For example in some areas half the track is missing aswell as options to go either left or right where the track splits into two sections. But be warned, make the wrong decision and your “run” is at an end. Whilst in a minecart if you slide your finger down your character performs a duck maneuver which can be used to avoid blocks of wood that would otherwise smack your character in his/her face.

Score Building
Running is of course measured in meters. By running a further distance, this increases your overall score. However the further distance you travel without mucking up, the higher the difficulty and speed of the game, but the higher the multiplier to help reach that high score.
In Game objects
In game you collect coins, coins are of course used as a way to help build up a score. However upon collecting a certain amount of coins, you will fill up a bar in the top right corner that acts as both as your multiplier and your power-up. So if you fill the bar up, you’re given your power-up you selected prior to the “Run” aswell as a huge score boost. Coins are also used as money to purchase upgrades.
Green Gems
Rarely around the run, you will find huge green gems. These green gems are extremely useful as it allows you to ressurrect your character upon death and carry on the run from where you left off. It is limitless to how many times you can use these gems in one run. However be warned each time you ressurrect the previous gem cost is doubled. But you can purchase an upgrade from the store which negates the amount of gems it costs to ressurrect.
Power ups
There are multiple power ups within the game. Obviously as I mentioned earlier you work towards your selected power-ups. However in game you can find icons representing the power up to give you that power for a limited time. Powers range from:
• Boost – Engages Boost instantly
• Shield – Helps protects you from obstacles
• Coin Bonus – Instant 50 coin bonus
• Score Bonus – Instant 500 point bonus
• Coin Magnet – Engages Coin Magnet instantly which attracts all nearby coins to you
• Gem Bonus – Instant 2 gem bonus which unlocks at Player level 10. (Can only be built)
• Bolt (All abilities combined into one, but Usain Bolt is required)
Objectives and Store
Whilst running you are given a select amount of objectives. Upon completion it will assist in building up an experience bar. Once one objective is complete, your are instantaniously giving another one. The objectives are quite general in that they will be “Collect X amount of coins” or “Run an X amount of distance”. When you level up you are able to buy more upgrades from the store.
At the store you’re able to buy:
– New power-ups, however you’re limited to only being able to “build” up to one power-up during one run.
– New abilities for your character, ranging from:
• Coin Value – Double coins after 1,000m
• Shield Duration – Increase duration by 25%
• Coin Magnet – Increase duration by 25%
• Boost Distance – Increase distance by 50m
• Pickup Spawn – Pickups spawn 10% more frequently
• Power Mter – Meter fills 10% faster
• Save Me – Reduce Save Me by 1 gem (minimum required will be 1)
• Head Start – Head Start costs 250 less coins
• Score Multiplier – Increases multiplier by 1
– You can also buy new characters, each having a different look and unlocking a different “buildable” power-up.

In Apps Purchase

There are various in game items (primarily currency) that you can buy using real money. Since the purchases are primarily currency and not anything unique, it doesn’t inherently give you an advantage against others but it does allow you quicker access to powerups. The following is the list of items currently available for purchase through the game.


  • Coin Doubler for $4.99
  • 5000 Coin Pack for $0.99
  • 50,000 Coin Pack for $4.99
  • 150,000 Coin Pack for $9.99
  • 400,000 Coin Pack for $19.99
  • 5 Gem Pack for $0.99
  • 50 Gem Pack for $4.99
  • 150 Gem Pack for $9.99
  • 500 Gem Pack for $19.99

Power Up

The power ups in Temple Run 2 are a major part in becoming a Temple Run legend. What will you pick to become the best runner in the universe ever, the answer is boost but there are other options (boost, pick boost)


The shield is the default power up and is quite useful. The shield will let you pass certain traps without dying once for each use. As a starting power it will get you through a few levels and save your life more than a few times.


     Will get you past flames, spinning spike wheels, stone blocks and wooden beams without dying.

    Will allow you get past trip hazards with slowing down (this could be a con if you wish to slow down).


     Does not save you from falling into pits or water.

 Coin Magnet

 The coin magnet is unlocked by completing objectives and getting to level 5.  If you are going to use the coin magnet as your main Power up then you should level COIN VALUE and COIN MAGNET to full as fast as possible. This will allow you to start collecting a larger amount of coins faster so you can start leveling your other abilities. Get the POWER METER leveled up next so you fill your meter faster.


     When active you can concentrate of dodging traps instead of aiming for coins.

    When you are fully leveled in the right abilities it will turn you into a coin collecting machine which is handy for the coin collecting challenges (and for the final coin collecting challenge which is a big one!).

    More coins means faster leveling of abilities which will lead you to bigger and bigger scores.


     You will not be able to save yourself from traps unlike the boost and shield power ups.


 Unlock by purchasing Scarlett Fox for 5k coins. This is the best Power up in the game for getting you long distances and saving you from traps. The boost is the power up I use to get most of the challenges done and to get my best scores, buy it as soon as you can. If you are going to use boost as your main power up then level up POWERMETER first which helps you boost more often. Then level up your PICKUP SPAWN so that power ups appear more often, we are hoping to collect coin magnet as often as possible and then hitting boost for fast automatic coin collection. BOOST DISTANCE should also be leveled but I put coins into other power ups first, getting a full power bar is more important that boosting further because it gets you out of trouble more often.


     When boost is active you are invincible and cannot be killed by any trap.

    Allow you to travel greater distances which is helpful for challenges (final one is 10 million metres so this will help a lot).

    Can be saved as a last resort boost to save you from death when you arrive at a nasty set of traps.


     May be harder to collect coins for beginners so it could be worth leveling up with coin magnet for a while.


    Can run out and lead you to falling of platforms if you are not careful (the main way I die!)

 Coin Bonus

 The Coin Bonus power up is unlocked when you purchase Barry Bones for 15k. Anytime it is used you gain 50 coins and if you use gems to power it up and get 100 coins per full power bar. This will cost a lot of gems to keep going and you are better off using your gems to revive and make your runs last longer. It can be useful for coin collecting challenges but the coin magnet will help a lot more in them. POWER METER fully leveled is a must so that you can collect those 50 coins as often as possible. If you are confident in your ability to collect coins for very large distances then it can be nice but for the most part I prefer to use other power ups. For experienced runners only!


     Once you can run long distances consistently and have a large number of gems the coin bonus can be used to get a great deal of extra coins.


     It is easy to get distracted and forget to use a full power bar while playing meaning you will miss out on coins.

    It relies on your ability to collect coins where the coin magnet collects them automatically for you.

 Score Bonus

 The Score Bonus power up is unlocked when you purchase Karma Lee for 25k. This is not the greatest power up and is usually one of my last purchases in the game. The main problem I have with it is that while it gives 500 extra per power bar boosting actually gets you more just through traveling further with boost or activating coin magnet and getting points for extra coins. Even with using gems to power it up it is just bad value compared to the other power ups.


     It is star shaped……….. and yellow…………………two shades of yellow…………

    Can help you increase your score if you excel at coin collecting

    Can help with score challenges


     Bad value for money, you can power up other things that will help more with your coins.

    A full power bar can be better spent on other power ups like boost and coin magnet which will get more points.

 Gem Bonus

 The holy grail, the big kahuna, the one that we want. The Gem Bonus grants a two gem bonus and is unlocked by the simple task of reaching level 9. I have to admit that I have not opened this yet because I have restarted Temple Run 2 two times so I could take screenshots for this site. I was a good way to getting this but now I just have to finish the last  challenge to get this.


     Get loads of gems which will help revive you and power up your power ups!


Special Powers

Special powers are new and players can now activate abilities such as shields and other stuff to help you out. Activate these special powers by double tapping the screen. They can be especially helpful in a pinch.


You can also now save your character from death with gems. You can purchase gems in-app.

5 Gem Pack – $0.99
50 Gem Pack – $4.99
150 Gen Pack – $9.99
500 Gem Pack – $19.99

There is a way to get free gems. Click here to find out how. Or use this hack guide to hack Temple Run 2 to give you unlimited coins and gems even without jailbreak.


You can purchase Coins and Coin modifiers in the in-app store.

Coin Doubler – $4.99
5,000 Coin Pack – $0.99
50,000 Coin Pack – $4.99
150,000 Coin Pack – $9.99
400,000 Coin Pack – $19.99

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Guy Dangerous – Default character
Scarlett Fox – Unlock for 5000 coins
Barry Bones – Unlock for 15000 coins
Karma Lee – Unlock for 25000 coins

For more information on characters and their special powers and abilities, read our Temple Run 2 Character Special Power and Abilities Guide.


Novice Rummer – Ran 500 meters
Pocket Change – Collected 100 coins
Adventurer – Scored 25,000 points
Treasure Hunter – Score 50,000 points
Piggy Bank – Collect 250 coins
Stingy – 250m collecting no coins

emple Run 2 – IAP Options

There are various in game items (primarily currency) that you can buy using real money. Since the purchases are primarily currency and not anything unique, it doesn’t inherently give you an advantage against others but it does allow you quicker access to powerups. The following is the list of items currently available for purchase through the game.

  • Coin Doubler for $4.99
  • 5000 Coin Pack for $0.99
  • 50,000 Coin Pack for $4.99
  • 150,000 Coin Pack for $9.99
  • 400,000 Coin Pack for $19.99
  • 5 Gem Pack for $0.99
  • 50 Gem Pack for $4.99
  • 150 Gem Pack for $9.99
  • 500 Gem Pack for $19.99

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