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Dragonvale Basic Guide


Dragonvale Basic Guide


Here’s a handy chart for aspiring Dragon Breeders!

Use the chart below to know what you’re breeding when you combine the basic elemenatal dragons. Remember, breeding two of the same element will only yield the same dragon and breeding two opposite elements will not work.

Element Plant Earth Fire Cold Lightning Water Air
Plant Tree/Moss Poison/Flower Reindeer Swamp/Seaweed Willow
Earth Moss/Tree Lava/Bone Mountain Quake/Crystal Mud Sandstorm
Fire Flower/Poison Lava/Bone Blue Fire Firefly/Scorch Air Blazing
Cold Reindeer Mountain Blue Fire Storm Ice Snow
Lightning Crystal/Quake Firefly/Scorch Storm Sonic
Water Seaweed/Swamp Mud Air Ice Fog
Air Willow Sandstorm Blazing Snow Sonic Fog