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Despicable Me Cheats

Despicable Me  Cheats

1. Rack Up on Those Bananas and Golden Bananas

As your minion runs to and fro, there will be plenty of bananas to see and pick up. All of the game’s many upgrades are tied to the collecting of bananas. Try and focus on picking up as many bananas as you can, plus you should hit up the levels you’ve already beaten so you can stock up on more. If you’re willing to spend a few bucks on Golden Bananas, you’ll get double points for every banana you pick up. Get your score multiplier a bit higher with that aforementioned item.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead of Your Minion 

It’s pretty common sense, but it must be said anyway – keep your eyes ahead of your super fast minion. Your eyes should be glued to the road ahead so you can have an easier time collecting all those items on the board. It pays to pay attention to the many obstacles and collectibles you’ll see ahead of your minion.

3. Know When to Tilt and Dodge in Mid-Air

As you eye those upcoming obstacles that pop up in your path, it’s best to take flight and switch lanes while your minion is airborne. Prepare for all those upcoming obstacles by jumping and switching lanes over and over. Simple.

4. Squash Other Minions, Get That Multiplier and Cop Extra Bananas

It pays to run and squash the other minions who are also running alongside you. If you’re looking to get your score multiplier higher (and are willing to ditch those big banana bunches), then squash all those darn minions. That score multiplier will make your banana collecting a lot more…well, “fruitful.” HA!

5. Try and Stay on the Boss Battle Stages a Bit Longer to Collect More Bananas 

GameWise.co knows that it’s way more helpful for players to tough it out on those boss levels (and unicorn stages): Rack up your score even more by dragging out the boss battles and the fluffy unicorn stages as well. In the unicorn stage, you’ll fall when you’re not touching bananas, so collect the bananas off and on to make it last longer. If Vector and Meena aren’t throwing too many robots at you, avoid them but don’t tap the target bots, so that you can continue racking up your score while you run, without worrying about any jumps or anything like that. Share these Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips and cheats! Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ Email

6. Here’s How to Take Out Vector

MMOSite.com posted up a few details on how to go about putting down one of the few bosses in the game, Vector: When fighting against Vector, you have to avoid the large units that he drops onto the lanes, but fire the shielded units back at him. All you have to do to take him down is tap on these explosive objects to send them hurtling towards his ship. Make sure you’re out of harm’s way before tapping though.

7. Pick Up the Unicorn to Try Another Minigame

MMOSite.com also spoke about the importance of picking up the Fluffy Unicorn Icon: Always prioritize grabbing the Fluffy Unicorn icon when it appears on the screen. You’ll need to unlock it from the store first, but once active this mini-game gives you the chance to earn some serious bananas. Use your tilt controls to steer the unicorn through the massive columns of currency.

8. Make Your Way to the Secret Disco Room

When you’re running through Guru’s lab, keep your eyes peeled for some bananas that veer off the track next to a pipe off to the right. Push your minion towards that area if you’re looking to pick up an nice lil’ bonus game – The Disco Room.


9. Here’s Some Gift Code Prizes

Despicable Me Minion Rush Tips Minion Rush will let you collect prizes, but you’ll need to know the right combinations needed to add them to your repertoire: –

5 Score Perks: Maid Minion + Hulu Minion + Baby Minion – Free Referee Minion: Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Hulu Minion – Kung Fu Taunt: Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion – Laughing Taunt: The Golf Minion + Baby Minion + Mustache Minion – 5 Banana Perks: Hula Minion + Mustache Minion + Firefighter Minion

10. These Are The Many Outfits and Bonuses That Come with

Them Besides the classic minion outfit that your minion gets to run with, there are other outfits that you can purchase with the bananas you collect.

About.com iPad’s site listed all the outfits and all their perks: –

Referee: Mega Minion lasts 5 seconds longer. Costs 2,500 bananas. –

Baby: Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 1 level. Costs 20,000 bananas. –

Mom: Banana Splitter, Freeze Ray, Banana Vacuum and Minion Shield last 5 seconds longer. Costs 150,000 bananas. –

Worker: 10% increase to bananas collected. Costs 550 bananas. –

Firefighter: Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 3 levels. Costs 1,200 bananas. –

Ninja: Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 6 levels. Costs 2,800 bananas. – Alarm: Mega Minion and Gru’s Rocket last 15 seconds longer. Costs 7,000 bananas. –

Dad: 1st Revive is free in every race. Costs 7,000 bananas. – Singer: Despicable Actions reward double Despicable points. Costs 550 bananas. –

Maid: Increases the chance of finding Freeze Rays. Costs 4,500 bananas.


Despicable Me Tips and Cheats

Game play tips and tricks

Stock up on bananas

The most obvious tip I can give you that will cost you nothing is to collect as many bananas as you can. Most character upgrades and level ups can be purchased in game with just the bananas you collect. Sometimes I’ll run through levels just to collect bananas and stock up.

If you aren’t opposed to spending some money, the Golden Banana purchase will give you double points for each banana you collect forever. You’ll rack up your tally super quick and be able to get upgrades twice as fast.

Facebook options

Connecting to Facebook not only allows you the ability to send your entertaining friends taunts and challenges but also gives you extra Gru tokens the first time you connect it, 50 to be exact. If you have a Facebook account, make sure you link it up.

If you don’t have Facebook, you’ll most likely spend a little more time collecting tokens in order to skip levels that require Facebook. You can either buy tokens or collect them during runs and by completing certain objectives. Once you’ve got a good stash of tokens, you can simply skip the tasks that require Facebook by paying a certain amount of tokens.


Don’t forget to collect your rewards

As you complete tasks, Gru tokens will become available to you for doing so. Make sure you don’t forget to claim them. Minion Rush is sneaky about not really explaining this.

In order to claim tokens for the achievements you’ve completed, tap on the Goals menu from the main screen. Along the top you’ll need to toggle from the goals tab to the achievements tab. Scroll through the list and see if any are completed. If they are you’ll see a claim button next to it.


As you get further into runs, you’ll notice bonus items that you can use to help you along. Powering these up can be done from the main menu. You’ll have to cash in your bananas though so choose which ones you want to cash in carefully.

For example, I have a tendency to level up things that bring me lots more bananas or despicable acts such as the unicorn and banana splitter.

Different costumes

The costumes menu allows you to buy different costumes for your minion. This feature isn’t just for fun though. Each costume has its own special powers or features. For example, some will increase your banana count automatically by a certain percentage when you complete a run wearing that costume. Other costumes make power ups last longer.

Stock up on whatever costumes you can afford with your tokens as you receive them.

Free tokens

Minion Rush gives you the ability to earn free Gru tokens whenever you’d like by watching short video ads. Each video you watch will give you 1 free token. The videos are anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds each so it isn’t impossible to rack up a decent amount of tokens in a short period of time.


If you don’t want to spend real money and you have some patience, it’s not a bad option. I’ve also used this when I’m only a few tokens away from buying a power up that I want since it’s quicker than finding tokens within runs or working towards an achievement to unlock it.

You can access the free tokens section of Minion Rush through the Costumes menu. You’ll see the button along the bottom labeled Free.

The Disco Room

While in Gru’s lab, watch for an area where you see bananas off the track and on a pipe off to the right. You can steer towards that for an awesome bonus portion of the game in the Disco Room.

Minion Rush Cheats

Gift Codes

Minion Rush has a section in the settings panel for gift codes. Here are the combinations of minions to use in order to unlock the corresponding prize:

  • 5 score perks – Maid Minion + Hulu Minion + Baby Minion
  • Free referee minion – Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Hulu Minion
  • Kung fu taunt – Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion
  • Laughing taunt – The Golf Minion + Baby Minion + Mustache Minion
  • 5 banana perks – Hula Minion + Mustache Minion + Firefighter Minion

Despicable Me Walkthrough, Guide, Cheats, Hacks

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is an endless runner game where players must swipe and tilt their way towards getting the highest score. Score computation is based on distance traveled, bananas collected, as well as the multiplier that players can get through various means. There are also powerups and other items that the player can get by purchasing them via currencies which are earned during gameplay.


Bananas and Gru Tokens are the two currencies at play within Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Both currencies can be used to unlock and upgrade different powerups, as well as new Minions, each with permanent buffs, and other items. Players can also use currencies for powerups that can be used at the beginning of the game. In addition, Gru Tokens can also be used to revive your character once a run has been ended so that they will have the chance to increase their score.

Bananas can be earned during the run, and can also be acquired by exchanging Gru Tokens. Tokens, on the other hand, can be earned by completing achievements as well as via in-app purchases, with more money spent giving you a better
deal overall.

The Multiplier is one of the best ways to get a high score. Multipliers can be increased permanently by completing missions such as traveling a specific distance, using a powerup for the first time, and many more. The Multiplier can also be increased per run by performing despicable acts to fellow Minions. This includes popping their balloons, pushing them over the ledge, trampling on them, and more. thus, players must prioritize doing despicable acts as compared to collecting bananas as this would provide them with a higher score, if the end output is taken into consideration.

There are various powerups that can be accessed within the game. Players must first unlock these items before they are available, and they may also upgrade their effectiveness via the use of bananas or Gru Tokens. Powerups include a Minion Launcher that can launch a Minion several meters ahead, a Minion Shield that can help Minions withstand damage, a Freeze Ray that can freeze obstacles, and a Vacuum Cleaner that will suck in all Bananas within range, among others.

Other powerups, such as the Fluffy Unicorn, will also trigger mini games where players will get the chance to get lots of coins.


Players will also get the chance to battle bosses both featured in the movie as well as those exclusive to the game. When battling bosses, players must avoid larger units by switching lanes, and throw back smaller units by tapping on them. Some bosses will also have special attacks that the player must likewise avoid.

Social Function
Descpicable Me: Minion Rush also has a social function where players can link the game to their Facebook accounts, which would in turn reward them with Gru Tokens the first time they connect. Players can also invite friends so that they can compete in weekly leaderboards on who will be able to get the highest score.

Tips and Tricks
As with most endless runner games, good reflexes is very important within the game. the player also switches perspectives from time to time, so players must be ready for anything, especially as there are different obstacles to consider, while some may look like obstacles, but can actually be smashed through, adding to your multiplier. Also, it is important to note that players can change lanes even in mid-air, which is great especially if you see an end running obstacle or a vulnerable Minion within range.

Prioritize knocking Minions over getting bananas, but prioritize getting powerups above all else. Powerups may also be purchased at the beginning of the game, but these are often not worth it unless you are trying to complete a particular mission or are trying to beat the best score. Otherwise, getting powerups in the usual fashion would typically work.

Save up on those bananas, and try to complete both missions and achievements. Missions will earn you great multipliers, and achievements will earn you Gru Tokens that you can use to revive yourself as well as get more powerful items in the Store.

Lastly, prioritize unlocking powerups over upgrading them initially, as the more powerful and useful ones, like the Fluffy Unicorn, will be available only after you have played the game a while. This will allow you to get an immense amount of coins, and nothing says fun that being able to ride a fluffy stuffed unicorn.