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Deer Hunter 2014 Hack Cheats


Deer Hunter 2014 Hack Cheats Tool 2014
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Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats

Deer Hunter 2014 is certainly a slickly designed shooting game. Here are all of the best tips we picked up while playing the game.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

– It’ll be a long time until you have enough cash to max out any one gun, so we recommend letting the mission system guide you towards your next upgrade. Before going on a hunt, you’ll be provided with a list of suggested upgrades. Work towards these first.

– In certain missions, you’ll be tasked with shooting an animal either in the heart or one of the lungs. You’ll need the infrared power activated to be able to see these vital organs – the heart sits in the middle, and the lungs are either side of the heart. Pay close attention to the requirements of a mission before starting.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

– Struggling to hit the ducks in the contract hunting work? Once you’ve established the general direction the bird is flying in, move your gun sights a little ahead of its flight path, and simply wait for the duck to fly through your crosshairs before firing. You don’t have to hit the bird dead-center either – as long as you strike within the general hit window, you should have no trouble taking the duck down.

– Bored of waiting for the energy meter to refill? You can’t advance your system clock to refill it quickly, but you can use some of the gold bars that you earn to top it up straight away. Use this precious resource sparingly though – sometimes it’s better to wait a few minutes than to blow through your whole stash.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

– Don’t hang about in the later levels! Once you reach the point where a single shot doesn’t kill an animal, either upgrade your gun to deliver more bang for your buck, or act very quickly to reload and finish off the job. Note that other animals in the hunt may be startled by your first shot too, so move quickly.

– Having said that, if you’re in a really bad position then you’ll want to make that first, critical shot count. Set things up in your favor in terms of positioning, and get everything lined up nicely before firing off that first shot.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cheats & Tips

– Some of those animals will fight back, so make sure you’ve got your secondary weapon on standby if you didn’t take out your prey in one go. Wolves in particular will charge at you immediately after an errant strike, so get ready to bring your shotgun into play.


– You can use something called an Animal Call to preserve your progress if you’re really struggling with a mission. By activating this special item, the mission will restart, but you’ll keep the animal kills you racked up in the earlier attempt. Save these for only the trickiest hunts though, as you only get a few for free.

– At first, each hunting scene will only be filled with the animals you need to kill. Later on though, there’ll be a mixture of animals wandering around the landscape. Pay very close attention to the animal preview before you begin – this will give you an important visual clue about the appearance of your prey.

Deer Hunter 2014:First 5 Kills


Here have video walkthroughs of Deer Hunter 2014‘s kills. With this in mind, check out the first five below.

1. White-tail Deer


2. Bighorn Sheep


3. White-tail Buck


4. White-tail Buck (Night)


5. White-tail deer (Lung Shot)



Deer Hunter 2014 Buck Hunting

Deer Hunter 2014 is the latest entry in the hunting series that Glu has made into a smash hit for mobile and tablets. In fact, it’s right up there with the old console and arcade hunting hits. There are two types of currencies in the game. Hunter Bucks are the main form of currency, and are the one that you are going to spend on most of the goods that you can buy. Gold, though, is the rare currency, and is what you use to buy the premium, maximum upgrades and the best weapons that money can buy. Read on for some tips on how to get more of both!


The main way to earn hunter bucks is, of course, simply to play the game. Every time that you go hunting, you’ll earn hunter bucks, whether you win or lose the hunt, although you will earn approximately 6x the amount of bucks for winning than for losing. Maximize your targeted shots (especially heart shots) in order to earn bonus bucks. Killing rare animals can earn you some extra value as well.

The best bang for your buck hunting that you can do, though, are the special edition hunts like Trophy Hunt. This one, in particular, will earn you 250-500 bucks (depending on how far in you are) even if you lose, while if you win you can earn thousands of bucks.

There are a few ways to get free coins in the game. One of the ways to do so is simply to gain experience levels. Each time that you gain a level you will earn a bonus of one gold. The other way is to go to the store menu and tap the Free Gold button. If you do this, you’ll have two options.

Deer Hunter 2014 walkthrough Guide


Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Deer Hunter 2014! Deer Hunter is one of the original hunting game franchises, and Glu’s latest entry into the series on iOS and Android does not disappoint. Like the other games, this game puts you into a variety of different hunts, with many different guns, to hunt many different animals (not just deer, obviously). Read on for the beginner’s guide to Deer Hunter 2014!

At the beginning you start off in the Pacific Northwest. This is the first stage of the game. Here you will find deer, bears, deer, moose and ducks, all in a number of varieties. This is “stage one” of the game. The second stage will be North Africa, while the next one after that will be British Columbia.

There are a number of different stages to play in each stage. The main stage is the Hunting Series, which there is a limited but high number of in each stage. Playing this will help you progress and figure out which upgrades you need. The Trophy Hunt is the main, most difficult hunt. You have five rare animals that you have to kill per Trophy Hunt, and after you complete all five of the hunts, you will unlock the next region. Contract hunts, which are fairly random stages, will be available as well.


Trophy hunts cost you 2 energy to play, while every other type of hunt will cost you only 1 energy. They are worth it, though, because they will earn you far more Hunter Bucks whether you win or lose. Hunter Bucks are the main currency of the game, and are denoted by the icon that looks like a band of money. Generally, you earn Hunter Bucks for a win or a loss, and you earn 1/5 for a loss what you would for a win.

Different hunts require different types of guns although your main gun will always be your rifle. Your rifle will be required to be at a certain power level in order to play stages, and the upgrades for the rifle cost more than for the other guns. The rifle fires one bullet, and takes a long time to reload, but is very powerful.

Your other guns include the assault rifles, the pistols, and the shotgun. The assault rifle is similar to the rifle, except that it’s less powerful, but you can fire far more shots in a shorter period of time. The pistol is small and handheld, and can fire fairly quickly. The shotgun fires a cloud of shot out of the shells, and is very powerful but slow-firing.

There are many upgrades that you can put on your guns. Barrel upgrades will increase the power of your shot, while muzzle upgrades will increase the power and the stability of the gun. Stock will increase the stability, and sight will let you zoom in more. Infrared upgrades (which can only be done on a gun with an infrared-enabled scope) will increase the length of time that infrared lasts for on one battery charge. Capacity upgrades will increase the size of the clip, while ammo upgrades will greatly increase the power of each shot.

Initially, all of the upgrades can be done using Hunter Bucks, while later on, gold (the premium currency) will be added as an option. When you get to the point where each upgrade has to be imported, it takes five minutes or three gold to get the delivery done. Plus, later on and with enough currency, you can buy new guns with either hunter bucks or gold in the weapons shop.


Go to a hunt, and you will see a number of things. The mission objective is the first thing that will pop up. The scope button will be in the lower left corner, while in the upper right corner a caution sign will appear. At first it won’t be filled in, but it will gradually fill in, and once it fills in, the animal will either run away or attack you. Firing a shot and missing will cause the bar to fill up right away.

The infrared option will show up when you tap the scope. If you use it, you will be able to see the heat signature of all of the animals, and none of the surroundings, which will help when you need to pick dark animals out of dark surroundings. Once you use up the battery, hit the battery button to refill it. The sports drink option will cause every animal to run at half the speed, and the time to only fly half as fast. The hollowpoint power up will massively increase the power of each of your shots.

There are a ton of different missions, but the most frequent and most difficult of the missions will be to kill an animal with a heart or lung shot. Heart shots are very difficult; usually the heart is below and behind the lungs. The lungs are large – just aim at the middle of the animal’s chest and you should hit. Head and neck shots are also extra powerful – use the infrared to find an animal’s lungs, heart or brain easily.

Some of the heart shot missions will involve animals who will attack you when the caution sign is full, rather than run away. If you fire an errant shot, they will charge at you, and when they start to pounce, time will slow down and an outline of their heart or lungs (depending on which part you have to shoot) will appear. Fire a quick shot before you get attacked and you can score some easy kills. Wait too long, though, and you’ll be mauled and lose the hunt.

Still other missions include killing 4 or more animals. Usually these animals are stampeding from one side of the stage to the other, so you have to aim and fire as they are on the run. It’s still possible to score head and lung shots, but heart shots are flat out impossible (not that you really need them). It doesn’t matter where the shot hits as long as the animals get killed.