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Candy Crush Cheats

Candy Crush Cheats

Need to know how to beat a Candy Crush level? These Candy Crush Saga cheats, tips, and hints will help you pass every level in the game! We have been gathering tips and tricks for all 500 levels of Candy Crush for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and Facebook! Basically, we eat, sleep and breathe Candy Crush and love to share our candy crushing strategy.
candy crush saga cheats

You can begin your path to domination by visiting our Candy Crush all levels cheats. There you can find a guide on every single level 1-500. Or skip over to our Candy Crush hardest levels page where we list all the most difficult levels that our readers are stuck on. If you are new to the game and looking for a beginner’s guide to playing the game, read our Candy Crush Saga Guide for all the basics you need to know to become an expert candy crusher.

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Candy Crush Saga

What is Candy Crush Saga?
Candy Crush Saga is a variation of the classic “match 3″ gameplay, much like the other hit game – Bejeweled. Players must match 3 or more similar types to clear blocks and jellies. Of course there are other game play elements that make it more interesting and add another layer of difficulty to the game.


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Candy Crush Saga is broken down by levels. Each level has their own unique set of objectives that players must complete before moving onto the next. Some examples of unique level variations include (but is not limited to) time attack, limits on moves available, and obtaining a certain score. Many levels require you to meet two or more objectives before you can clear the board.


The game starts off simple but quickly ramps up. It slowly adds in new elements and candy types so the players can learn how to create different combos and how to use special candies. The game may appear really simple on the surface, but don’t be fooled. This game is insanely difficult (in a good way) but completing the hard levels is extremely gratifying.

That’s it! Please use our website to help you enjoy the game! We’re here so players don’t quit the game out of frustration. We’re constantly updating the site so please check back often.