Sonic Dash Guide , Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips

Sonic Dash Guide , Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips

Sega’s iconic speedy hedgehog returns once again with Sonic Dash. In this game, players must jump, roll, and just plain run as Sonic captures coins and defeat enemies in a manner typical to the popular games Temple Run and its recently released sequel. There are a couple of variations, though, making this a title that is worth picking up. Let Sonic take you to the ride of your life in this exciting new game that will have you by the seat of your pants.

Sonic Dash is an endless running game where players are tasked with guiding Sonic away from danger for as long as possible while collecting coins and powerups. Coins can then be used to buy upgrades and to provide Sonic with limited protection against enemies and other hazards. Lightning quick reflexes and fast fingers are required to excel in this game, and players will find themselves hopefully improving in both distance and score with each succeeding run.

Two currencies are at play within Sonic Dash. The basic currency is coins, which are pretty easy to come by. Coins can be collected each time Sonic runs, and these can be used to purchase items and powerups in the store. However, Sonic Dash utilizes a banking system which is required if you would like to store Gold Rings that you have already collected into you inventory. Coin can also offer limited protection against dying, though this might result in you losing all of your progress when it comes to the number of coins that you have collected.

Red star rings, on the other hand, are considered as the premium currency within the game. These are much more difficult to come by, and these are often just rewarded when you complete missions or if you accept in-game offers, such as watching videos, completing surveys, or simply liking the game on Facebook. The more usual way to acquire red star coins, however, is by purchasing them using real life money. When doing this, it is recommended that you buy in bulk, as you would get a better deal for your money in terms of the quantity of red star rings that will be received. Red star rings are used to skip missions, unlock new characters to play as, or even gain access to special items or powerups that will help you race faster and longer.


Controls within the game are pretty basic. Players can swipe up to make Sonic jump and avoid spikes and other hazards on the path, while swiping down will make Sonic roll into a ball, making him capable of dodging low hanging ceilings as well as attack enemies. Swiping left and right will make Sonic run at the left hand, right side, or middle of the road, while the tilt function serves no purpose, as turning is automated. This last bit is where Sonic Dash deviates from Temple Run’s controls, as swipes are used to turn while tilting is needed to move the character at either side of the path.

Players also have access to a Super Dash button, which will make Sonic run at lightning speed, giving him limited vulnerability along the way. With this, all the player has to do is avoid hazards and enemies while collecting as many coins and powerups as possible. Missions also come into play, and this is discussed at later sections of this article.

Banking System
Sonic Dash makes players work so that they would be able to keep the coins that they have collected. At certain intervals, players will encounter a platform with designated blocks for each side of the road. Players must run through the side of the path with a ring block so that the rings that they have collected so far will be added to your inventory. However, players should take note that banking will reset your current coin stores to zero, which means that you will instantly die if you get hit by an enemy.

The Store
The store is where players can purchase powerups and upgrades that they can use to run for longer. These range from permanent boosts as well as temporary boosts that can only be used once and would have to be purchased again for reuse. All items in the store will cost certain amounts of coin rings or red star coins, and each boost will cost more as you go further along, so make you that you have enough of each in stock.

Completing missions is a great way to earn a high score, as completing missions will add to your total score multiplier. There are many missions available, so make sure to check up on these and try to complete them so that you can make the most out of your run.

Social Function
Sonic Dash has a social function where players can compare their high scores against their friends. This is a great way to keep competition high and it will also inspire players to further improve on their running skills.


Tips and Tricks
Red star coins do not adversely affect gameplay, although they do make playing a lot more pleasurable. If you can afford it, purchase the higher level packages as you would be able to get a better deal out of them.

When you are already starting to earn coins, focus more on boosts rather than powerups. Powerups will only be a waste of your hard earned rings if you are not able to use them properly, so make sure that you max out on boosts first. It will require you to work at lower levels for longer, but the long range benefits are worth it.

Lastly, just keep on practicing your reflexes, and keep your eye out for any missions that may pop up. Players may find that the Sonic ball form is the most advantageous, and hitting combos will certainly add up over time. However, use this and the Super Dash button sparingly, as there might be traps that will make it harder for you to recover if you constantly rely on these methods to get ahead.