Produce Sale

Selling Produce

Eventually, you will be ready to sell some of your produce. There are a few ways of doing this. First, people can just visit your farm and ask if you have any items. The first opportunity you have to sell some of your produce is when Joan visits your farm at Level 3. She asks you to sell her some bread. These sorts of interactions do occur fairly regularly, and you should take advantage of them to shift your excess produce. The computer will send people your way regularly throughout your Hay Day adventure. Secondly, you can sell items using the delivery truck which will come up the drive to your farm. This will post notices on the notice board which you can interact with.


Next, you can try to use your Roadside Shop to sell directly to friends, if your offer is enticing enough. You can also place an advert in the newspaper, which will ensure even players you are not familiar with get to see it. This also facilitates trading through message boards and forums. Finally, you can use the dock and boat to sell certain items.

So there you have it, quite a wide array of ways to sell your items! See the individual sections for more information on each of these methods.

Delivery Trucks

By the time you have planted a few crops, you should look towards the truck which waits patiently at the end of the drive up to your house. Click on the noticeboard to the left of the truck to see all the current orders that have been tabled. Each order that you fulfil will earn you a particular amoung of Coins. Some orders need just one item, others are fairly complex, and will reward you with more Coins, as well as XP, upon completion.

The Delivery Truck will trundle along the road up to your farm, at which point you should brace yourself to receive lots of requests for produce. The truck will wait for you to fulfil an order before it returns to its point of origin. It will then come back to your farm, complete with your reward for completing the job.

TIP: Check the XP and Coin rewards before agreeing to dispatch any particular order. It may be that an item you are selling forms a part of a more lucrative order, and by selling it rather than waiting for the other items for the better order you are missing out.

In addition to the Delivery Truck, you have the time-honored tradition of selling produce from your very own roadside shop. You can find this shop at the front of your farm – it can be visited by other Hay Day players and your friends that have been connected to your world through their Facebook accounts. They can then take those items and use them on their own farm – in return you can of course visit them and repay the favor.

Roadside Shop

The Roadside Shop unlocks at Level 7. Once unlocked, you are ale to sell crops, animal produce, processed goods, buildings, land clearings and expansion supplies. You can advertize items to allow any player to buy them. A total of 10 quantity of any one item can be placed in the roadside shop. See the section on Trading for information on how to trade with other human players of Hay Day.

To use the Roadside Shop, tap the shop itself once you’ve unlocked it at Level 7. Then, select either the Silo or the Barn, depending on what item it is you want to sell. The game will set a recommended price and quantity for you. Use the plus and minus arrows to alter this, then set how long you want it to be on sale for, and finally, confirm the deal. You will then have to wait for someone to come along and buy your items.

TIP: Unadvertize an item if you want a friend to be the particlar person to purchase it.


Your Roadside Shop will be a great tool in your struggle for more income

Once you have posted an item for sale in your Roadside Shop, you can also sell it in the local newspaper. Be prepared to wait yet again before you can list items for free, as there is a cooldown period before this is possible. Of course, Diamonds allow you to advertise straight away.

Adding Slots:

You can unlock more slots to sell items in using Diamonds and by adding new Friends. The chief benefit to unlocking these are that you can leave your game overnight and come back to 8 lots of sold items, rather than a mere 6, for example.

TIP: Before leaving your game for an extended period, consider filling all of the slots in your Roadside Shop. Individual items generate more income than those sold in bulk, but you will often have an excess of a particular item and seek to get rid of it en masse.

Removing an Item:

You may list something for sale at the Roadside Shop but later come to regret it – perhaps because you need the item for something else, a more lucrative sale. The only way to ‘de-list’ an item is to pay 1 Diamond for the privilege.



There are many message boards and forums out there for people wanting to trade items in an organized fashion. A popular method of trading is called ‘Wheating’. This is where a trade is negotiated online, using a message board, and acted out in game via the Roadside Shop.

The basics of this are as follows. Once you have agreed a trade on a forum or messageboard, the player starting the trade should put 1 wheat crop for sale, at a cost of 1 coin. This needs to be unadvertised, so that it doesn’t appear in the global newspaper and the specific person can find it rather than it being sold to a random person. The trade should be positioned in the slot to the far right of the shop. Then, the other player should buy the crop – this indicates to the seller that they are ready to initiate the actual trade itself. At this point, the seller can put the actual trade item up for sale. The other player can repeat this to give the exchange item.

Note that if you come across a stall with one wheat for sale for one coin, in the far right slot, a deal is in progress and you shouldn’t interfere – arrange your own trade on a forum if you feel like you are missing out.

TIP: There is a clear risk to trading like this. Once the first trade has been made, one player could effectively run off with the item. As such, there is an etiquette which requires newer players to trade last. This means veteran traders are the ones with the trust, trading first, and minimizes the risk.


Docks and Boats

The Docks and Boat are available to use at Level 19. Or at least they will once you have enough Coins. You need an eye-watering 16,000 Coins to be able to repair the dock. This is (we imagine) far more than most players will have at this stage, in which case you may want to plan ahead and save up for this. It also takes a fair amount of time to repair.

Once this is done, Boats will begin to visit the dock. They remain there for 16 hours, giving you the opportunity to fill orders. The items in each order are completely random, split into crates. You will have to fill three crates of three or four items, varying by level. Each crate gives you a set amount of XP, depending on the items you have put inside, as well as coins. If you fill every crate, you receive a bonus voucher of XP. If you are struggling with a particular crate, you can flag it with a request for help. This will show to your friends when they visit your farm – anyone can help, however, even players only visiting through the newspaper. If another player fills one of your crates, this will cause you not to receive Coins or XP in that case.

The reason you may want to enlist the help of friends is because only when the entire order is full will you be able to send the boat off and collect your XP voucher. You receive a completely random value voucher of XP each time, in addition to the specified XP. Push the boat picture in the bottom right corner of the screen to send it on its way. In about 4 hours, it should return to you.

TIP: Tap the dock when the boat is away to see how long you need to wait for it to arrive and what items to collect in preparation for this.

TIP: Send your orders off just before you expect to log out. If you don’t do this, so that a boat arrives while you are still logged in, then you go to bed, you will lose all that time sleeping when you should be filling the order. If you can wake up and a boat arrives as soon as you turn on your device, that is ideal. Just remember that the timer on the boat starts when you login.

TIP: Check the items required for the shipment before the boat arrives. If you do this, you can set items queuing overnight and come back on in the morning to fill the order.