Match Day

Match Day

One of the most satisfying things about football management games is putting all that hard graft into dull statistics and tactics screens, before seeing it replicated on the pitch. Fortunately, Top Eleven has a live mode where you can watch your team play out to your orders. To do this, you simply need to log on at the time specified and tune in. During a match, you can of course change tactics on the fly during gameplay, and make any substitutions you deem necessary, or those enforced by injuries.

If you log on during a game and want to join it so that you can react to changes on the pitch in real time, you should see the option to ‘Join Match’ right at the top of the screen, in the middle. This will take you into the live view and allow you to make decisions and influence the game.

Watching a match live has numerous benefits – and it’s pretty addictive too!

While a game is going on, you are obviously able to influence tactics and give players orders. To do this, select the ‘Give Orders’ blue button at the bottom of the game screen, on the right. You can tinker with your team to your heart’s content there. Click Save and the orders you have given will filter down to your team and become effective in the live match environment.


NOTE: If you find that you are unable to join a game in progress, or it ends prematurely, that is normally because the other player doesn’t have enough players in their team to play the match. This may be because they are having financial difficulties or too many injuries and suspensions. The sure way to tell why the match has ended earlier than planned or very quickly, is if the final score is 3-0. This is the default result for a match that has not been played because of one particular team

NOTE: If you see the result change from a match that you saw finish, very occasionally there can be server issues which cause the game to have to re-simulate some matches. This would inevitably cause the results of matches which had finished, to be calculated again. This is a rare issue, however.