Jelly Splash Walkthrough and Tips


Jelly Splash Walkthrough and Tips

Match-type puzzle games are fast becoming popular, and Jelly Splash is another addition to the genre. There are some subtle differences in this particular title, however, but gameplay is essentially the same. Still, there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had with Jelly Splash, and you can potentially spend hours freeing jellies from their prisons and completing over a hundred levels, with more promised to be added in future updates. Of course, you’ll also be spending most of that time asking for extra lives and competing with friends.

Jelly Splash is a match type puzzle game where players will have to match three or more jellies so that they would be eliminated from the grid. However, unlike Candy Crush Saga and other similar games, players will not switch the position of objects. Rather, players must trace the jellies with their finger until they are able to make a connection of three or more similar items. Also, jellies can be connected diagonally in addition to horizontally or vertically.

There are many levels to play, and each will require players to complete different types of missions such as getting a certain score, clearing the grid of jellies, eliminating a certain colored jelly, and many more.

Coins are the currency at play in Jelly Splash. Coins can be earned through regular play and can also be acquired through in-app purchases. Coins can be used to refill your lives as well as provide players with extra moves, should they fail to complete a puzzle with the allotted number of moves.

Should a player fail to complete a mission, a life would be deducted from the player. Players can carry up to five lives, and this is refilled at a rate of one every twenty minutes. Players can get extra lives by purchasing them using coins or by asking Facebook friends for them. Of course, the player also has the option to send lives to their friends as well.

Stars are awarded depending on how well players perform in completing a particular puzzle. Each player can potentially award players with up to three stars, and completing the puzzle at the bare minimum will provide players with one star. There’s a specific amount of stars that players must collect before the next area would open up, so players must return to previous stages and get uncollected stars in order to continue play in further levels.

Special Jellies
Removing six or more jellies from the grid at one time will create Super Jellies. When Super Jellies are used in combination with jellies of the same color, the row of column of the last jelly in the group will be removed. Super Jellies can also be grouped together for as long as they are of similar color.

Not all special items in the grid are beneficial to the player, however. There are dark jellies that must be cleared in most missions, as well as mushrooms that can only be removed if jellies adjacent to them have been eliminated. Sleeping jellies must also be part of a combination multiple times before they can be removed from the grid.

Splash Time
Should players complete a mission with moves left, then Splash Time will be activated. First, all unused Super Jellies will be activated, after which new Super Jellies will be added and activated, further adding to the player’s final score for that particular puzzle. The number of Super Jellies added will depend on the total number of moves left after the challenge has been completed. Thus, the more moves that are remaining, the higher the chance of players getting a higher score and attaining three stars.


1. Save coins for the end of the round!

If you think you need just one or two extra moves to complete a Jelly Splash level, you have the option to spend 70 coins to get three more moves. This is pretty handy since a lot of the levels give you just barely enough turns to finish the level. A way to rack up coins is to beat every level according to our Jelly Splash Walkthrough, and save some up for the harder levels.

2. Connect as many jellies as possible for super jellies!

The more jellies you connect, the better. Try to get the small combos out of the way and save one color of jellies to create a super jelly connection. But remember, the last jelly you connect is where the row or column will be destroyed. Try to set it up so that the last jelly in your connection is in the row or column you want gone.

3. How to get past Jelly Splash Level 40 without connecting to Facebook.

At the moment there is no other option other than connecting your facebook account. But there’s a lot of benefits to connecting your facebook in level 40. It’s a great way to get free lives and coins from your friends. You can always disconnect after you get past level 40 of Jelly Splash.

4. A trick to finding the pieces to remove the dark jelly.

If it doesn’t look like you can remove the dark jelly, just make a couple quick 3 piece connections. Once you make these you will see the jelly shift. It’s a good idea to connect jellies that are of a color that you don’t see a lot of on the board. If you save one color you have a good chance of making a super jelly, which will really switch things up! Then you will have the pieces you need to get rid of the dark jelly.