Injuries, Rest and Treatment

Injuries, Rest and Treatments

Injuries are cleverly managed by Top Eleven, and were initially based on players’ real life likelihood of getting injured. This has since been dialled back. Older players are more prone to injury, like in real life generally, especially if you train them too hard. This is another reason to clear out your elderly players when they reach a certain age.

Even if you plough all of your resources into trying to prevent injuries, you will never be able to remove the risk completely. The game does limit the maximum number of injuries you can get, as otherwise it would just be unfair on some unlucky gamers! You can only get 7 injuries in total. Combat Injuries using Treatments.



Players rest once a day. This is during the scheduled server maintenance that takes place. This means that you can play matches very close together and not have to worry about fatigue – the main thing is that they rest once a day, regardless of the number of matches in that period.

Rest improves conditioning. Using 1 Rest will improve a player’s condition by 30%. 2 Rests restores a player to full condition. To generate Rests, you need to build ground units from Training facilities. Also, if you watch a live match and make a substitution, you will receive a free Rest.



Treatments reduce the injury period by a certain amount. You need 5 Treatments to reduce the injury period by 1 day. To remove 2 days from the wait time, you need 9 Treatments. You can see the full list of these below:

-1 Day:
5 Treatments

-2 Days:
9 Treatments

-3 Days:
12 Treatments

-4 Days:
14 Treatments

-5 Days:
15 Treatments

15 Treatments

Max means that any injury can be resolved with 15 Treatments. Treatments can be gained through gifting, so make sure you have a supply stocked up and don’t have to use your Tokens to buy Treatment Packages so as to resuce your star player from a bad injury. You can also simply purchase Treatment Packs using Tokens.

You need to build ground units from Medical facilities to begin generating Treatments yourself. You can also get Treatments through Fair Play. Fair Play is measured depending on whether you watch the match live, and if your players avoid picking up any bookings or red cards.

Morale is dictated by a number of things, but some players have bad attitudes and will take far more effort on your part to motivate them. Good ways to improve player Morale are to use Win Bonuses, so that they are rewarded for good performances, and to play lots of friendly matches.

You may start to get fed up with some players who constantly have low morale. This is just in some players’ nature. To be able to get their morale up, you will have to resort to using Morale Boosters as other methods are fairly ineffective for these characters.


Morale is boosted by 1 Point when you win a match (you basically win 1 Morale Booster with a victory). If you lose, it is -1. If you keep losing and you hit rock bottom at 0, don’t worry, you can’t go any lower than that, even if things are truly dire.

If you watch a match live, you also receive a Morale Booster – as you would expect, your players react favorably when they see you watching their exploits on the pitch.

TIP: You should aim to rotate your squad as much as possible. This will keep players fresh, reduce injury, and give you an insight into all of the players in your team. Obviously some will just not be good enough to get a game, but, without sacrificing overall team competence, switch players in and out if you can.