Top Eleven Team Infrastructure


Team Infrastructure

Top Eleven gives you the opportunity to manage far more than just your squad of players. Unlike real soccer managers, you have control over things like the actual quality of the football pitch and stadium. This obviously brings in more money to provide for you in the transfer market as more fans come to watch. Fans also help support your team, improving their moral and thus their form on the pitch. You can also invest in medical facilities and the training ground to improve each of those respective areas.


You can upgrade your facilities, such as training pitch and stadium, to boost your team. These upgrades can have numerous effects, such as increasing training statistics, reducing the likelihood of injury, and improving morale.

Improve your stadium and your team’s performances will follow.

To upgrade some of the facilities surrounding your stadium, visit the Stadium Screen. From here, you will see a picture of your stadium in all its glory to the left. On the right is the list of upgrades that you already have – showing the level of every facility. In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see the Upgrades option. Select this and you will be given the choice to upgrade everything, from floodlights to the grass on the pitch. This menu will also show you how long the upgrade will take, and the all-important cost. Once you have made your decision, select Buy.