Hobbit Tips


Below are the Hobbit: Kingdoms of the Middle Earth Tips


1. Take Advantage of the Share Feature and Get a Token The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Tips Here’s a tip that will grant you a token – hit up the “Share” tab, click on “E-Mail,” cancel out then save. If your proceed to do this method 10 times once a day, you’ll be granted some in-game tokens.

2. Build As Much As Possible During The Game’s Protection Period The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Tips When the game enters the Protection period, make sure you take the time to tend to the base construction of your city. Take this period and make sure to focus on building up a good amount of homes and barracks etc. The Protection period will grant you the time to strengthen your soon-to-be empire.

3. Refrain from Building Up Your Army When You Get Your Barracks Up AndroidEntity.com posted up some tips on when it’s best to build up your troops: Don’t start building up your army as soon as you get your barracks up, this is just nonsense! You can’t be attacked and can’t attack during the first 7 days, so there’s no need to have troops just eating your food. Start heavy training of troops when there are 2 days left of protection:

4 barracks of highest possible level should be enough to turn you into a force once you’re out of protection! 4. Make Sure You Keep Your Troops Hidden The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Cheats AndroidEntity.com also spoke about making sure you keep your troops hidden: Hide your troops! From the keep, you can select if you should keep your troops hidden (no losses if you get attacked) or not. Hidden troops are better at first when big cities will start to farm on you and there’s no point in losing them – it will be even harder to build them afterwards! So build up a decent army first, and only afterwards start defending your city and never hide them again!


5. Join Up With An Alliance Once Your Protection Period Runs Out The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Tips Once your Protection period comes to a close, you’re now open to being attacked by goblins and other nasty Middle-Earth baddies. The best way to guarantee your safety and your empire’s longevity is by joining up with an alliance. Try and hook up with aggressive alliances that are marked by a high “High Troops Killed” ranking. For those players who prefer the diplomatic aspects of the game, join up with an alliance that tries to talk more than immediately entering a battle. Share these The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth tips and cheats! Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ Email

6. Build Up More Homes for More Gold and Future Soldiers One smart way to grant yourself more gold and soldiers is by putting several houses around your city. Adopt a bunch of houses, out in lower tax rates and your gold intake will be larger than usual. The money and resources you end up nabbing from your housing operation means more money to spend on empire building and resources for soldiers.

7. The Basics Behind The Might System The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Tips A HubPages.com post explained the importance of Might when it comes to ranking players: Players are ranked in the game by their Might. Might is based on the number and level of troops you have in your city. For example each Porter is worth 1 might. A porter is a transport troop and does not do any fighting. It is also the only transport troop to have any might at all. Carts and Wagons do not have might, but you need them to transport resources between cities. Tier 1 troops have 4 might per unit. They also consume 4 food per turn (this is why you need to build resource fields early). Tier 2 troops have 16 might per unit, and only cost 8 food per turn. And finally Tier 3 troops have 24 might per unit and cost 16 food per turn. As you can see it is advantageous to build higher level troops. You unlock new troops by researching topics in the game. When you ‘fight’ another player in the game you are pitting your troops against theirs. The player with the most might typically wins, although Hero level plays a large factor in who wins. I’ll explain more about that a bit later.

8. Refrain From Building Up Large Wall Defenses The HubPages.com post also spoke about limiting the number of huge wall defenses you want to construct: Avoid building up large wall defenses. They are not very strong and and provide “false might.” Players who go for high TKs (Troops Killed) search for players who have walls to take down. Just build a couple hundred of each wall troop to prevent cart attacks.

9. Make It Rain! When you’re in the Global or Alliance chat, type in the phrase, “A storm is brewing” and post it up. Once it’s been posted, exit the chat screen and you’ll notice that it’s raining in your city. If you’re looking to stop the rain, then type in the phrase, “No more rain.” Note that this phrase trick only works during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons (in real time).


10. Then Make It Snow! Are you looking to make it snow instead of rain? Hit up the Global or Alliance chat system and type in the phrase, “Let it snow.” Are you looking to stop the snow? Then go ahead and type in, “No more snow.”