The basic story behind Hay Day is that your uncle has, unfortunately, decided to retire. We say unfortunately but if he wasn’t then there’d be no farm for you to inherit, so this cloud has a silver-lining. Your initial plot of land contains just a house, a barn, and a silo. The ground itself is littered with trees and rocks, which makes it seem like an unlikely spot for a fertile farm, but that’s before you get to work on it.

As you may have gathered, the plot to the game involves you upgrading the farm and making into a fruitful, money-making business. The game allows you to clear land, buy new buildings, animals, crops and generally everything you would expect when it comes to the life of a farmer.

Hay Day features two distinct types of currency. These are Diamond and Coins. Each has its own use, though Diamonds are considerably more valuable than the everyday, run-of-the-mill Coins.

As you begin your journey into Hay Day you will be guided along by a friendly scarecrow. He will teach you the simple things in the game and make sure you get past Level 3 without any major issues.

For starters, there is a brief section where you are required to paint your buildings. You are able to paint your house by tapping it, then dragging the paint brush across it. This also applies to the other starting buildings in the game, so don’t be afraid to give them a lick of paint. This will also remove the debris and muck that surrounds your buildings early on.


Naming Your Farm:

During the tutorial you will be introduced to a new character paying a visit to your land. Tap him and you will be asked to input the name of your farm. This can be anything you like, but be aware that this is how other players will identify your farm, so nothing too ridiculous!

TIP: If you choose a name that you later regret, however, you are able to change it. Simply tap the settings menu by selecting the cog icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen, then choose ‘Change Farm Name’.

Moving and Changing Objects:

You can alter, move and remove an object by tapping and holding it. Then, you can rotate it using the arrow signs, remove it by using the trash can icon, or move it around, simply by dragging it.


Diamonds are the premium currency in Hay Day. This means that generally, the way to acquire them is to buy them with real money. This won’t be for everyone. Some gamers will want to just download the game for free and never pay a penny to Supercell, but this does put you at a severe disadvantage and means you require far, far more patience to succeed than those willing to splash the cash. Diamons can, for example, be used to rush buildings through production, reduce waiting times to harvest, and so on – it’s easy to see the attraction of buying these to help your advancement in the game. Especially if it helps you compete with your friends!

You currently begin the game with 30 Diamonds.

How to Earn Free Diamonds:

Getting free Diamonds in Hay Day is much simpler than it has been in other ‘social’ games, where premium currencies are tightly controlled. Below is a list of all the ways to get free Diamonds in Hay Day, along with a guide providing more information on each one.
Getting free Diamonds in Hay Day is much simpler than it has been in other ‘social’ games, where premium currencies are tightly controlled. Below is a list of all the ways to get free Diamonds in Hay Day, along with a guide providing more information on each one.

– Every time you level up, you will receive 1 or 2 Diamonds. This will become the staple of your diamond supply, so is not to be sniffed at.

– You receive 1 Diamond from following Hay Day on Facebook.

– Login to Facebook using Hay Day to get 5 Diamonds

– You can get 2 free Diamonds for disovering a movie ticket and watching a 30 second trailer for another game.

– Diamonds are unearthed randomly when you search through mystery boxes.

– You can get Diamonds through mining once you reach Level 24.

– Complete an achievement to earn a Diamond.

– Finally, enter competitions from Supercell when contests are held on their Facebook page.

Speeding Up Production:

It is possible to speed up production in Hay Day by tapping the object. You will see the amount of time remaining in the bar at the bottom of the screen, and the cost of speeding it up represented by the diamond icon to the right. Click the lightning bolt symbol to confirm that you would like to spend those diamonds, if you have them, on rushing the production.


Coins are the everday currency in this game. You will use them to buy pretty much everything in Hay Day apart from the scarce, premium items which tend to give you an advantage, or set you apart from your friends’ farms. Fortunately, as they are needed so frequently (mainly to buy livestock and equipment for your farm), Hay Day’s Coins are easy to collect. It will take a long time before you have as many as you might want, but they are earned through most actions.

You get Coins primarily from selling the produce that your farm produces. While the main currency to buy with your actualy money will be Diamonds, you can also buy Coins should you be running low.

How to Earn Coins

The best and main way to earn Coins in Hay Day is to sell your produce. See the section of this guide entitled ‘Selling Your Produce’ for more information on that. You can also purchase Coins using real money, should you so wish, and buy other players’ items to sell on again later, hopefully for a profit!