Hay Day Pets

Hay Day Pets

Pets were added to Hay Day in an update, but the game has a unique approach towards them – you have to save up ‘Pet Vouchers’ before you are able to get one. Pets include Cats and Dogs.

You can get pets by purchasing them. Dogs can be bought after Level 20, while Cats start at Level 21. You require Pet Vouchers as mentioned above, which are given out when you complete boat and special truck deliveries. You can read more on how to get Pet Vouchers, below.


Before you are able to get a dog or cat, you first have to purchase a Dog House, or a Cat House. Once you have them, they will walk freely around your farm. They do require some intervention, however, and you will need to be willing to feed them once they get hungry. To do this, you simply tap on the house that you built for them and fill the bowl either with bacon or milk, for the dog or the cat respectively. You can fill the bowls whenever you like – the pets will only eat once they are actually hungry.

TIP: Having eaten, your pets will want to sleep. To get your reward for feeding them, tap them to wake them up. If you have a lot of pets, use the whistle to wake them all up together and get the reward all at once.

You are limited to 2 Dog Houses and 2 Cat Houses on your farm. Each pet house can have a maximum of three pets. This means, if you so desired, you could support an impressive 12 pets (with 6 dogs and 6 cats) on your farm.

Use the pet whistle to control your pets. Blowing it will wake them up, allowing you to collect your reward, as well as to call them back to their houses if they’ve been wandering.

There are four different types of Pet Voucher. These are Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

How to Earn Pet Vouchers:

They are frustratingly hard to come by, at least when you are desperate to get yourself a pet dog or cat and don’t want to wait around for them! Luckily, with a bit of digging, you can get the vouchers you need for free.

The main ways to get vouchers are by completing boat deliveries and special truck deliveries. You are also able to find them in tool boxes and win them by playing the Wheel of Fortune. Of course, you can also purchase pet vouchers using Diamonds. When taking on a boat order, you are only shown the color of the voucher once it has been completed.

TIP: By far the best way to get Pet Vouchers is to fill the boat orders. Once you progress to unlock the mine, you are given special metal orders that can give vouchers too.


List of Pets

Below you will find a list of the pets currently available to purchase in Hay Day:

Retriever: [Dog]
Unlocked at Level 20.
It costs 2 Blue Vouchers and 9 Green Vouchers.
The Retriever gives you 30 XP every 6 hours.
It needs a Dog House and Bacon to be fed.

Tabby Cat:
Unlocked at Level 21.
It costs 3 Purple Vouchers and 8 Green Vouchers.
The Tabby rewards you with 20 XP every 6 hours.
It lives in a Cat House and is fed with Milk.

Pinscher: [Dog]
Unlocked at Level 22.
It costs 5 Blue Vouchers, 12 Green Vouchers and 2 Golden Vouchers.
The Pinscher rewards you with 40 XP every 6 hours.
It needs a Dog House and Bacon to be fed.

Calico Cat:
Unlocked at Level 23.
It costs 4 Purple Vouchers, 15 Green Vouchers and 1 Golden Voucher.
You will be rewarded with 30 XP every 6 hours.
It requires Milk and a Cat House to be contented.

Bay Horse:
Unlocked at Level 27.
It costs 8 Purple Vouchers, 9 Green Vouchers, and 10 Blue Vouchers.
It pays out 60 XP, and is fed on Carrots and housed in a Stable.

Hound: [Dog]
Unlocked at Level 30.
It costs 5 Golden Vouchers, 5 Purple Vouchers, 10 Blue Vouchers and 18 Green Vouchers.
The Hound rewards you with 50 XP every 6 hours.

Tuxedo Cat:
Unlocked at Level 31.
The Tuxedo Cat costs 8 Purple Vouchers, 20 Green Vouchers, 4 Golden Vouchers and 8 Blue Vouchers.
It will reward you with 40 XP every 6 hours.
Feed it with Milk and house it in a Cat House.

Palomino Horse:
Unlocked at Level 32.
It costs 10 Purple Vouchers, 10 Blue Vouchers, and 5 Green Vouchers.
Feed it with Carrots and keep it in a Stable and it will give you 80 XP.

Pinto Horse:
Unlocked at Level 34.
It costs 9 Purple Vouchers, 9 Green Vouchers, 9 Blue Vouchers, and 9 Golden Vouchers, but will reward you handsomely with 100 XP.
Give it Carrots to keep it happy and let it live in a Stable.

Andalusian Horse:
Unlocked at Level 40.
It costs 15 Purple Vouchers, 15 Blue Vouchers, 50 Green Vouchers, and 3 Golden Vouchers.
It will give you 100 XP.
Feed it Carrots and keep it in a Stable.