Instructions allow you to compliment the formation that you may have chosen with specific mentalities and tactics to provide for your team. Below are some of the Instructions you can give and details on what they are:

Ball Possession:

If you are struggling to get a foothold in the game, you may want to consider using Ball Possession. As the old saying goes, if you’ve got the ball, your opponent can’t score. If your formation is one of the midfield-centric ones, or one where are you hoping to pass it through the midfield to get to your strikers, Ball Possession is a good idea.


Counter Attack:

Some teams only play counter attack, especially away from home, and don’t attack by any other means. It is good for more defensive formations when you want to draw teams on and then hit them on the break. You will need to pass the ball long when counter attacking so as to attack as quickly as possible upon winning the ball back – it is also a good idea to pressurise the opposition into giving you the ball.

Offside Trap:

The Offside Trap is employed by most teams that play with a high defensive line. The idea is for the defense to step up when the attacking team plays the ball forwards. If they get it wrong, for example if your defenders are not technically skilled enough or can’t co-operate well enough to pull off the technique, then the consequences are dire – the other team will be through on goal. Use the Offside Trap along with formations that are attack-minded and have fewer defenders.