Despicable Me Walkthrough, Guide, Cheats, Hacks

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is an endless runner game where players must swipe and tilt their way towards getting the highest score. Score computation is based on distance traveled, bananas collected, as well as the multiplier that players can get through various means. There are also powerups and other items that the player can get by purchasing them via currencies which are earned during gameplay.


Bananas and Gru Tokens are the two currencies at play within Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Both currencies can be used to unlock and upgrade different powerups, as well as new Minions, each with permanent buffs, and other items. Players can also use currencies for powerups that can be used at the beginning of the game. In addition, Gru Tokens can also be used to revive your character once a run has been ended so that they will have the chance to increase their score.

Bananas can be earned during the run, and can also be acquired by exchanging Gru Tokens. Tokens, on the other hand, can be earned by completing achievements as well as via in-app purchases, with more money spent giving you a better
deal overall.

The Multiplier is one of the best ways to get a high score. Multipliers can be increased permanently by completing missions such as traveling a specific distance, using a powerup for the first time, and many more. The Multiplier can also be increased per run by performing despicable acts to fellow Minions. This includes popping their balloons, pushing them over the ledge, trampling on them, and more. thus, players must prioritize doing despicable acts as compared to collecting bananas as this would provide them with a higher score, if the end output is taken into consideration.

There are various powerups that can be accessed within the game. Players must first unlock these items before they are available, and they may also upgrade their effectiveness via the use of bananas or Gru Tokens. Powerups include a Minion Launcher that can launch a Minion several meters ahead, a Minion Shield that can help Minions withstand damage, a Freeze Ray that can freeze obstacles, and a Vacuum Cleaner that will suck in all Bananas within range, among others.

Other powerups, such as the Fluffy Unicorn, will also trigger mini games where players will get the chance to get lots of coins.


Players will also get the chance to battle bosses both featured in the movie as well as those exclusive to the game. When battling bosses, players must avoid larger units by switching lanes, and throw back smaller units by tapping on them. Some bosses will also have special attacks that the player must likewise avoid.

Social Function
Descpicable Me: Minion Rush also has a social function where players can link the game to their Facebook accounts, which would in turn reward them with Gru Tokens the first time they connect. Players can also invite friends so that they can compete in weekly leaderboards on who will be able to get the highest score.

Tips and Tricks
As with most endless runner games, good reflexes is very important within the game. the player also switches perspectives from time to time, so players must be ready for anything, especially as there are different obstacles to consider, while some may look like obstacles, but can actually be smashed through, adding to your multiplier. Also, it is important to note that players can change lanes even in mid-air, which is great especially if you see an end running obstacle or a vulnerable Minion within range.

Prioritize knocking Minions over getting bananas, but prioritize getting powerups above all else. Powerups may also be purchased at the beginning of the game, but these are often not worth it unless you are trying to complete a particular mission or are trying to beat the best score. Otherwise, getting powerups in the usual fashion would typically work.

Save up on those bananas, and try to complete both missions and achievements. Missions will earn you great multipliers, and achievements will earn you Gru Tokens that you can use to revive yourself as well as get more powerful items in the Store.

Lastly, prioritize unlocking powerups over upgrading them initially, as the more powerful and useful ones, like the Fluffy Unicorn, will be available only after you have played the game a while. This will allow you to get an immense amount of coins, and nothing says fun that being able to ride a fluffy stuffed unicorn.