Deer Hunter 2014 Buck Hunting

Deer Hunter 2014 is the latest entry in the hunting series that Glu has made into a smash hit for mobile and tablets. In fact, it’s right up there with the old console and arcade hunting hits. There are two types of currencies in the game. Hunter Bucks are the main form of currency, and are the one that you are going to spend on most of the goods that you can buy. Gold, though, is the rare currency, and is what you use to buy the premium, maximum upgrades and the best weapons that money can buy. Read on for some tips on how to get more of both!


The main way to earn hunter bucks is, of course, simply to play the game. Every time that you go hunting, you’ll earn hunter bucks, whether you win or lose the hunt, although you will earn approximately 6x the amount of bucks for winning than for losing. Maximize your targeted shots (especially heart shots) in order to earn bonus bucks. Killing rare animals can earn you some extra value as well.

The best bang for your buck hunting that you can do, though, are the special edition hunts like Trophy Hunt. This one, in particular, will earn you 250-500 bucks (depending on how far in you are) even if you lose, while if you win you can earn thousands of bucks.

There are a few ways to get free coins in the game. One of the ways to do so is simply to gain experience levels. Each time that you gain a level you will earn a bonus of one gold. The other way is to go to the store menu and tap the Free Gold button. If you do this, you’ll have two options.