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World Robot Boxing Championship Cheats and hacks

Real Steel WRB Guide


Real Steel WRB Guides

The game, Real Steel WRB  and its achievements are very straight forward. You will unlock the majority of them with a boosting partner, but there are a couple that will require that you pull off certain things.

When playing the single-player, make sure to have your guard up almost at all times, and if you see that your opponent is approaching a punch, walk a little backwards to avoid being hit by him. Once your opponent is done handing out punches, or if they are out of power, then this is your time to strike. Start walking towards them, dealing out two or three punches, and then use your special power by holding in RB and using any of your A, B, X or Y buttons. Pressing the B or A button releases a heavier attack than the other buttons and will take more of your Power Charge away. After this, your robot will probably be exhausted, so immediately put your guard up (RT), and start walking backwards again. As you defeat your opponents, you will have to fight even stronger ones. If you know that you will have difficulties defeating them, just fight the ones you’ve already fought to earn some TBR (Total Battle Rating). You will see that your rating will go down after each fight. This is all natural because your robot is feeling weak and needs repairs. To repair your robot, go to the main menu and go to Assembly Mode. Click on your created robot and then Quick Repair. This will increase your robot’s rating and you will be good to go.

If you’re playing the Single-player and get knocked down and know that you won’t make it up, simply hit start and restart the match. By doing this you won’t have to spend credits to repair your robot, and you won’t lose TBR.

By winning (and losing) fights you will earn credits. With these credits you can repair your robot, or buy your robot new parts like a new head that takes more punches or fists that deals more damage. You can also purchase a totally new robot! My advice is that you save your credits only for repairs and body parts as this is the only thing you really need for the full 200 G.

Real Steel WRB walkthrough

  Real Steel WRB Walkthrough

The first thing you need to do is to create yourself a robot, obviously. To do this go to Assembly Mode and select yourself any robot. Once you’ve done that, go to Customize and and then any part you want (the Head for instance), then select designer. You will get a pop-up notification telling you that this is only a sample version (unless you’ve bought the DLC in advance). Simply proceed as this won’t prevent you from getting the achievement. Select Area 1, then color and then continue to choose any color you want from the Palette. After you’ve done this go down and press “Save color”. When you press there, you will see all these white boxes, these are your “save boxes”. Simply choose any one you want to save your customization. When you’ve done that, exit out to the main menu (Keep tapping B) and you should unlock:


Robot Engineer in REAL STEEL

Robot Engineer10 (10)

Customize and save a robot to a garage.

  • Now, you’re ready for your first fight. Go into the Match Modes and choose Underworld 1st Stage (the only one available for now). Fight off your opponent with the tips I previously gave you, and you should be fine. After winning your first battle, you will unlock:


First Win in REAL STEEL

First Win10 (10)

Win your first fight in the UNDERWORLD.

Proceed to winning games, and once again, if you can’t beat a certain robot, just replay previous battles to earn some TBR, catching up on your nemesis. Each battle gives you credits. Use these on new body parts to make your robot even stronger. Make sure to Quick Repair your robot after each fight. After you’ve completed Underworld 1st & 2nd stage, you should unlock:


Underworld Champion in REAL STEEL

Underworld Champion15 (10)


You’ve now made it to the WRB. Keep beating robots as they come and go. Once you’ve completed both the first and second stage in WRB, you’ll be granted:

WRB Champion in REAL STEEL

WRB Champion31 (20)

Complete all WRB STAGES in MATCH MODE.

Congratulations! You’ve now completed Real Steel!