Beginners Asphalt 8 Walkthrough



Triggering the Nitro is easy, tap on the right side of the screen. The yellow bar at the top indicates how much you have. You can hit it up to 3 times to activate different power levels, but as the power goes up, so does the Nitro comsuption.

PERFECT NITRO. Tapping Nitro once will make a red section appear on the Nitro bar; Tap Nitro again once your Nitro bar reaches that area and you will activate a special boost.

How do you turn off Nitro?. You can exit the Nitro boost by tapping on the brake, eentering a drift will also stop it.

Filing The Nitro Bar: Fill up your Nitro Bar by executing awesome actions in-game, such as drifts, jumps, knockdowns, City havocs, Traffic Controls, Near Misses, Flat Spins and Barrel Rolls. You will also find Nitro boosts scaterred in different places on the tracks.


Tap the brake while steering to start drifting. Use drifts to navigate dangerous curves

Exiting Drift: Stop a drift by tapping the brakes or steering the car straight. A quick nitro boost will also pull you out of the drift and around particularly sharp turns.

PERFECT RUNS: Perfect runs are bonuses received during a race for clean driving. Dodge opponents and don’t hit any walls for 20 seconds to earn it.


Although tracks do repeat time after time along all Seasons, the Race Mode for each one them certainly changes quite often. Besides Classic Mode, you have Knockdown, Gate Drift, Infected and Versus, all of which are explained in detail here.

CAR RANKS: Each event in Career Mode has a recommended car rank. Use a car with the recommended rank or above, otherwise you might not be able to win, even if you have your nitro boost activated for most of the race.


Credits are what you use to buy new cars and the upgrades you need to push them to the max. Earn credits by playing events in Career Mode and the World Series (ranked online multiplayer), or grab some in the Shop.


The Racer Level indicates how you are doing in the multiplayer modes. Play World Series events to earn experience and raise your Racer level. The higher your Racer Level, the more credits you earn in the World series.


You can record some events in Career Mode. During these events, you can pick a ghost racer from a list and race against it on the track. Beat the Ghost for extra rewards. Challenge your friends to beat your Ghost and show them who’s the boss.


They may not be as flashy as other upgrades, but handling upgrades will make sure you are not crashing every time a curve comes up.

The fastest cars benefit the most from upgrading acceleration. What good is a high top speed if it takes too long to get there.


Each user gets a default icon or avatar for its racer. You can change your RAcer Emblem by going to your profile (accessob;e voa the Emblem at the top left of the screen on the Main Menu) tapping “info” and then tapping “Edit”

You can connect to social networks by accessing your profile (the emblem at the top left of the Main MEnu) and then tapping SOCIAL to set up your social network options.


In order to knockdown and opponent you should be using your nitro. Although you can sometimes ram the opponent without triggering the boost it’s risky and does not guarantee you will “break” the other car. By using Nitro, you can also prevent breaking your own car if you activate it before crashing against a random vehicle on the road.


Flat spins are performed on regular ramps. You need to enter the ramp while doing a drift, as soon as you exit the ramp, the car will start spinning, how many spins it does depens on the altitude it reaches.


Roll Barrels are actually easier than flat spins, just enter a curved ramp and make sure the car doesn’t miss it a bit, turning the wheel towards the highest point of the ramp helps doing the barrell roll.


The World Series is the multiplayer mode in Asphalt 8 Airborne. This is the only way to Level up, if you were still wondering how. XP points cannot be obtained in single player mode.

Once you join the room and while you wait for other players to join, you need to vote for a mode and a track.

Singeplayer races are better to farm for credits than multiplayer.


  • You will sure think that it will take forever to to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 upgrades for your cars if you consider the Credits you gain in Season 1 Tracks. However, the amount of credits you gain in the following seasons increase dramatically.
  • The best way to quickly increase your Nitro are Flat Spins, Roll Barrels and Nitro Boosts items. Drifting works perfectly but only on certain parts of the track.
  • Knockdowns are your best friend. Again, use and abuse knockdowns while boosting to take down your opponents, this movement is specially useful when you don’t have a great speed advantage. Taking them off the road for a couple of seconds works great.
  • The Best advice for Gate Drift Races is, keep drifting for as long as you can, it’s not speed what matters, but drifting points, keep tilting your device right and left until you reach the finish line (and pass through all the rings of course).
  • SHORTCUTS: You need to locate and then take the shortcut in every single track, alll the tracks have them and you will have to use them if you want to win in more difficult Seasons.
  • ASPHALT TRACKER: You can see what your friends are up to by accessing the Asphalt Tracker (accessible via the “Friends” icon on the main Menu). Tap on a friend’s wall to race against their ghost!.