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Papa Pear Saga Video Level Guide 1 to 180


 Papa Pear Saga Video Level Guide

Level 166 to 180


Level 151 to 165

Level 136 to 150

Level 121 to 135

Level 106 to 120

Level 91 to 105

Level 76 to 90

Level 61 to 75

Level 1 to 60

Papa Pear Saga Walkthrough, Guide, Cheats, Hacks

Papa Pear Saga Walkthrough


Papa Pear Saga is a puzzle game from King where you will need to shoot balls down a game board to touch as many of the other balls on the screen before the ball reaches the bottom. Knowing how to manipulate the board and balls to your needs can be difficult, but with our quick start guide you’ll have all of the tips, tricks, and walkthrough you’ll need to stay ahead of the game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Papa Pear Saga

  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen. Papa Pear Saga is a free to play game, so there’s no worry if you discover it’s not your bag.
  • Once you start the game for the first time, you will be shown the title screen where you can choose to either login with Facebook or just begin playing without being connected.

How to Play

  • Playing the game requires that you know how to control it, so we will go over that first.

Papa Pear Saga

  • In the first level of the game, your objective is to land balls into the three buckets at the bottom of the screen.

Papa Pear Saga

  • To move the ball thrower at the top of the screen, tap and drag on it to move it around until it is in the position you’d like it to be in.  When the guide is in the position you’d like it to be, tap on the screen to shoot the ball in the direction of the guide.
  • Hitting the pins along the way will earn you extra points, so it’s best if you aim the balls you shoot at the pins scattered throughout the board.
  • When you shoot three balls into the three different buckets at the bottom of the screen, the level will end. You’ll then be shown a results screen that summarizes the level you just played.

Papa Pear Saga

  • On the results screen, you will see the star level for the level, your score, and how you stack up against your Facebook friends if you opted to connect.
  • When you are finished observing the results screen, you can choose to head back to the main menu or to just move on to the next level.

Papa Pear Saga

  • Before you begin Level 2, you’ll be shown the goal screen for it. Level 2, for instance, has a goal of 5,000 points. Any points less than that will result in less stars collected for completion.

Papa Pear Saga

  • If you opt to move to the main map screen, you’ll be shown the list of the levels you can play. If you’d like to replay a level, you can tap on it to do so.

Papa Pear Saga

  • As you progress through the game, you will come to find that there are several worlds within the game for you to travel between. You won’t have to change worlds: the transition to these new themed worlds will occur automatically.

Papa Pear Saga

  • In further levels, you may have to knock down fruits into the buckets, along with goals that can be much more difficult than what you are used to.

Papa Pear Saga

  • Progressing through the game also means the game will become increasingly more difficult. In Level 3 for instance, there will be two more buckets than usual. You only have a limited amount of balls you can use to make all of the buckets, so use them wisely – especially in the more difficult levels.

Papa Pear Saga


  • Multipliers are available in the game, and are great for increasing your score over multiple times without even trying. To receive a multiplier to your score, all you have to do is eliminate one type of pin on the board. The multiplier will then add to your score automatically, and will stack with other multipliers.
  • Once you’ve earned the multiplier, you can choose to use it in every level you play from then on. When you start a level, there will be a boost bar on the screen in which you can select any boosts you’ve earned while playing. Other boosts can be earned in much the same way the multiplier was earned.

Papa Pear Saga

  • When you earn a new boost, you will be given a small amount of them to use in future levels. If you wish to use the boost after that, you will have to purchase them with gold. Gold must be purchased to be used, so be careful with your boosts before using them.

Papa Pear Saga

  • If you happen to fail a level by running out of Papa Pear balls, you are given the option to pay Gold to continue in the level and begin where you left off, or to give up and reset the level.

Angry Birds Go Tips and Cheats

Angry Birds Go Tips and Cheats

Angry Birds Go! adopts the perfect genre for its large collection of cute angry birds and sacrificial pigs. This mobile kart racer also marks the first time fans get to see the Angry Birds franchise move into a fully realized 3D world. There’s plenty of tracks, karts, birds, pigs and cool special powers that makes up the bulk of this new mobile racing game. We want to make sure you know the best approaches you need to make when taking on the open road with your favorite animal avatar/kart. Here’s all the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Angry Birds Go! Angry Birds Go Tips Tricks Watch Now Sign up for Heavy’s daily email and never miss out on our popular stories.

1. Upgrade Your Handling and Acceleration The Most Angry Birds Go Tips Tricks Making the best karts possible means you have to throw some upgrading time into four separate slots – Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Strength. Your Top Speed and Strength attributes are surely worth investing in, since your top speed means you’ll max out at a much faster speed. Plus, your strength makes your weapons a lot more effective. But you’ll be spending the majority of your time racing, so it’s much smarter to upgrade you handling and acceleration the most. Your handling will make your ride easier to control and your improved acceleration means your ride will have a much easier time getting to a manageable speed.

2. If You’re Gonna Buy One Power-Up, Then Buy The Double Coins Perk Angry Birds Go Cheats Racing all over those tracks and collecting coins as you go along them is a viable method towards better upgrades. If you’re truly looking to speed up your kart upgrading work, then spend some real dough on the Double Coins perk. It goes for about seven bucks, so it’s worth paying for it since you’ll cop a healthy amount of coins on your next run. More coins, more upgrades, better rides. Simple!

3. The Basics of The Slingshot Angry Birds Go Tips explained the purpose of the slingshot: Before a race begins, you have the opportunity to pull back on your character and then launch him or her onto the track. The best time to do this is when the timer reaches the number one (three, two, one, go!), right before the announcer screams “go!” Do it too early, and your character will spin out and get off to a bad start.

4. The Best Powerup to Use During A Vs. Race When you’re competing in a Vs. race, you’ll get access to three power up’s – the State Farm Kart Repair, the Goldfish Boost and the Slingshot King Sling. The best powerup you’ll need to take advantage of is the sponsored State Farm Kart Repair powerup, since it fixes your ride right up for nothing at all during a race. Check out the video above to see how useful how great this powerup is.


5. How Do I Unlock the Jenga’s Pirate Pig Attack Mode? Angry Birds Go Tips There’s actually a secret minigame you can unlock by either paying two bucks for it. But if you have that sweet Angry Birds Jenga Toy Set (Pirate Pig Attack), then check and see if you have the secret code that comes with it. That special code is the code you have to enter into the selection screen. You do this by tapping on the “Jenga” button below the selection screen after you begin the game.

6. Here’s What Slows Down Your Handling; Take Advantage of Any Potential Spin Out’s Angry Birds Go Tips provided some tips on handling the right way and making the most of any spin out accidents you might experience: With regards to handling, the two things that will slow you down the most are hitting walls and hitting other racers; however, it’s possible to spin out other racers if you hit them right, making it very difficult for them to catch up with you. Especially try to spin out another racer when it’s a close race.

7. The Basics Towards Upgrading Your CC Angry Birds Go Tips also noted the best methods towards increasing one’s CC level: Your CC goes up on your kart depending on the upgrades you buy. Every single upgrade increases CC, so if you haven’t unlocked something yet due to not enough CC, simply keep working on upgrading everything to the maximum level.

8. Pick Up Some Gems By Beating Special Events Remember those Champion Chase events we mentioned earlier? Successfully completing them rewards you with a nice payout of some gems. The other way you can collect these gems is by picking them up along each track that your race on. There’s the option to purchase them with some real world money, but we’re sure you’ve spent enough money on those Double Coins perks. Just get your gems the old fashioned way.

9. The Two Methods That You Need to Know About Unlocking New Characters Angry Birds Go Tips There are two ways you can hit the track with some new characters. You can do it the old fashioned way (by video game terms, anyway) by beating those top tier racers in the Champion Chase events. If you have a great collection of Telepod Angry Bird figures laying around, then go ahead and transport those birds/pigs into your game. Easy enough, right?

10. Wait It Out For 20 Minutes If You Want to Keep Using Your Favorite Characters Angry Birds Go Tips Tricks Each character you race with in the game eventually run low on energy and falls asleep. From this point, you can either choose to race with another character or spend some gems towards getting your tired racer back to full energy. If you’re patient enough, then go ahead and chill for about 20+ minutes. Come back and your favorite character will be back to normal strength.

11.There are two ways unlock characters: buying Telepods figures witch you’re able to place these toys on the device’s camera to beam these heroes and villains into the game or beating characters in special Champion Chase events.
Before a race begins, you have the opportunity to pull back on your character and then launch him or her onto the track. The best time to do this is when the timer reaches the number one (three, two, one, go!), right before the announcer screams “go!” Do it too early, and your character will spin out and get off to a bad start.
Since characters eventually run out of energy and go to sleep to continue playing, you can select a different character, or recharge the current one with 10 gems.
During a race, wait until the lightning bolt icon (right side of the screen) fills up and then tap it to activate your character’s special ability.

12. More FAQs Cheats

How do I upgrade karts in Angry Birds Go!?

To transform karts into efficient speed machines, you’ll need to make upgrades across the following four categories: Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Strength. To do this, simply tap the plus (+) symbol next to the desired attribute to bring up the in-game price, then tap again to make the upgrade. Keep in mind you’ll need the necessary amount of gold coins.

How do I get more gold coins in Angry Birds Go!?

Racing, and lots of it. Simply drive through gold coins to collect them. If you want to spend some cash, you can earn Double Coins forever, but it’ll cost you $6.99. You can also purchase more coins with gems.

How do I unlock characters in Angry Birds Go!?

There are two ways, really. The first involves buying Telepods figures. From there, you’re able to place these toys on the device’s camera to beam these heroes and villains into the game. The second involves beating characters in special Champion Chase events.

How does the slingshot work in Angry Birds Go!?

Before a race begins, you have the opportunity to pull back on your character and then launch him or her onto the track. The best time to do this is when the timer reaches the number one (three, two, one, go!), right before the announcer screams “go!” Do it too early, and your character will spin out and get off to a bad start.


How do I get gems in Angry Birds Go!?

Rovio will award you gems for beating Champion Chase events. You’ll also find a couple spread along the tracks during races. The easiest way to get a ton, though, involves spending money to buy more, and the publisher sells gems in various quantities. You can also spend gems to buy gold coins. Yes, we know it’s a shameless cycle.

How do I recharge characters in Angry Birds Go!?

Characters eventually run out of energy and go to sleep in Angry Birds Go! To continue playing, you can select a different character, or recharge the current one with 10 gems. Finally, you can wait until the recharge time is up, which means putting the game down for at least 23 minutes.

How do I improve my kart’s CC in Angry Birds Go!?

There will be times when you’ll be unable to compete in certain events because your kart’s CC is too low. Simply make upgrades to raise it.

How do I change characters and karts in Angry Birds Go!?

While at the upgrade screen, look for the kart and Angry Birds icons on the bottom. Click one to go to the desired area.

How do I use powers in Angry Birds Go!?

During a race, wait until the lightning bolt icon (right side of the screen) fills up and then tap it to activate your character’s special ability. Under normal circumstances, you only have one per race, but you can buy up to three for three gems each. Pretty costly, eh?


Angry Birds Go Walkthrough, Guide, Cheats, Tips , Hacks and Secrets

Game Introduction – Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing game created by Rovio. Angry Birds Go! challenges players to participate in a variety of races across a selection of wacky courses. Victory brings in coins that can be used to upgrade your karts, as well as unlock new racers for your team. Our quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to race with your feathered friends.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is free to play. You can download it by using the “Available On” option at the top of this page.
When you start up Angry Birds Go! for the first time, you’ll be asked if you want to turn on push notifications. You can change this setting at any time.
A quick race ensues, which teaches you the game’s controls, power-ups, and other features.
Once you understand the basics, you begin to race for real.

How to Play

Angry Birds Go!

Objective – The objective of Angry Birds Go! is, simply, to win as many races as possible. Winning races brings rewards like money, which can be used to upgrade your kart, or unlock new racers for your team. Each course has different conditions for victory, so make sure to pay attention to them before engaging in a race.
Options – To access the options in Angry Birds Go!, tap on the pause button on the upper right-hand side of the screen whenever you’re engaged in a race. From here, you can adjust the sound levels, choose between tilt and touch controls, restart the race, or return to the title screen.
Sponsored Power-Ups – Angry Birds Go! offers some sponsored power-ups at the start of most races, including a speed booster courtesy of Goldfish Crackers, and a State Farm policy that protects your kart against any wear-and-tear it might experience on the track.

Get Driving

Angry Birds Go!


Select Your Kart – You’re allowed to select one kart when you begin playing Angry Birds Go!. Additional karts can be bought through in-app purchases using real-world cash.
Tap or Tilt – You can control your kart either by tilting your mobile device, or by tapping on-screen arrows. You can switch between the two control schemes at any time on the options menu (hit the pause button during a race to access it).
Hit the Track – Each track you race on offers different set-ups and different challenges. You can race on a track more than one time, though the challenge becomes progressively difficult each time.
Win Coins and Gems – As you race, you garner coins and gems. Coins go back into upgrading your kart. Gems can be used to revitalize your tired racers, activate power-ups, and to buy more coins. Coins can also be bought through the in-game store for different sums of cash.
Upgrades – You can upgrade your kart’s top speed, acceleration, handling, and strength (which determines how hardy it is). Upgrading your kart also increases its cc’s (“cubic centimeters,” a standard unit of measurement for determining go kart motor power).
You Need CC’s – You can’t take on certain challenges in Angry Birds Go! unless your kart is at a certain cc level. If you’re too low, you need to upgrade.

Types of Races

Angry Birds Go!

Finish in the Top Three – A standard race against other opponents. If you don’t finish within the top three, you lose.
Time Boom – A bomb with a long, lit fuse is displayed at the top of the screen. If you don’t reach the finish line by the time the bomb goes off, you lose.
Fruit Splat – Drive into reams of juicy fruit. An indicator at the top of the screen illustrates how many fruits you need to drive through to succeed. Subsequent runs on these tracks require you to mow down more fruit.
Versus – A race against a computer-controlled opponent. You need to come in first to win. You can select “Easy,” “Medium,” or “Hard” difficulties. The harder the difficulty, the more reward money you’ll earn for victory.
Champion Chase – Race against one of the iconic Angry Birds characters. If you win, you unlock them as a racer.

About Other Racers

Angry Birds Go!

Beat Them in Champion Chase – Beating an Angry Birds character in a Champion Chase race usually allows you to recruit them as a racer. They hang out in the tree until you call them up for a race.
Telepods – Telepods are Angry Birds-themed character/kart toys that are purchasable at most toy retailers. If you scan the QR code on a telepod, you can use that racer in-game.
Unique Special Abilities – Each bird has a special ability that might give them an edge in a race. You can use an ability once for free per race. After that, special abilities cost gems to use.
About Energy – When an Angry Birds Go! character enters a race, they expend a unit of energy. Each character has five units. When all five are gone, you need to use another racer; wait until the energy refills on its own, or spend gems to refill it instantly.


Angry Birds Go!

Replay Races – Expect to re-visit tracks over and over again in Angry Birds Go!. Doing so is necessary for collecting enough coins to upgrade your kart and improve your cc ranking. If you don’t up the cc on your kart, you won’t be able to participate in harder races.
Don’t Jump the Gun (or Slingshot) – You begin each race by pulling your racer back on a slingshot. Don’t release the slingshot until the announcer says “GO,” or else you’ll be penalized for a false start and spin out as soon as you hit the track.
Don’t Be Shy About Using Special Abilities – Every racer has a special ability that you’re allowed to use once for free per race. Don’t hesitate to use these abilities. They can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Moreover, tracks are often short enough that using a special ability once at an opportune moment is sufficient for securing a win.

Escape Action Tips

Escape Action Tips

Escape Action level 1:  Just tap or knock the door. The door will open.

Escape Action level 2: Tap and slide up the window.

Escape Action level 3:  Slide the plank on the floor then tap the button, Tap the button to open the window

Escape Action level 4:  Slide the plank then shake your device until the red button show, Tap the button to open the door.

Escape Action level 5: Read the hint, so you have drag all the ghost into pumpkin before time running out.

Escape Action level 6: See water reflection on the floor you will see 915, enter the number to panel on the door.

Escape Action level 7: Just shake your device until that fall.

Escape Action level 8: See the clue on the board A=05 then see fdb on the corner it mean f=10, d=8, b=6. So enter the number 10 8 6.

Escape Action level 9:  Get the wrench on the floor then use it to break the door by tap it repeatedly.

Escape Action level 10: See the hint combine all hammers so you have to combine the hammers by tap and slide hammer to another hammer quickly before the time running out.


Escape Action level 11:  Tap the four triangle make them pointing outside like picture above.

Escape Action level 12:  Shake your device until the key show up on the drawer then get it. Use the key to open the lock.

Escape Action level 13:  On this level you have to change the symbol x, + or – . But there is random number so the answer will different for each player.

Escape Action level 14:  Tap and arrange the puzzle to make correct picture.

Escape Action level 15:

Clue: Tap blocks to get 1500point before the time running up.

Hint: Tap the blocks randomly use your five fingers.

Escape Action level 16:

You have to light on the green dot by make the square position horizontal then hold it until the four green dot light on.

Hint: Put your device on table the rotate it slowly until the position get horizontal the hold it until all dot light on.

Escape Action level 17:  Tap the dot on side the door then see and remember the number position. Now you have to tap the square follow the number from 1 to 9.

Escape Action level 18: Change the big clock follow the square clock around the big clock, when you have change it then tap the square clock you already follow.

Escape Action level 19:  You will see some animal and cage with flag, so you have to move to animal to cage with flag, hallmark of the country. Panda = China, Kangaroo = Australia, Elephant = Thailand and Snake = India.

Escape Action level 20:

Clue: Shoot all pumpkins

Hint: Tap the pumpkin then tap the shoot button fast as you can before the time running out.

Escape Action level 21: Tap the pumpkin on the floor and the ghost will come out. Now tap the all the ghost immediately before they escape.

Escape Action level 22: See the clue on the door it mean you have to press volume down button until the door open.

Escape Action level 23:  You have to make the green needle on the compass pointing to X mark.

Escape Action level 24:  You have insert the all to the hole with number by move and tilt your device. You have insert the ball to hole from number 1 to number 4.

Escape Action level 25:

Target: Connect dots to get 320 points

Hint: Connect the dots as much you can.

Escape Action level 26:

Pull the rope to open the hidden room and you will see apple and banana. Look around the room you see 2 fruit, 1 smile doll and three clock so now you have to tap the button on the door:

Apple button twice, smile button once and clock button 3 times.

Escape Action level 27:  Pull down the rope to make the ball hit the door, pull rope few times to break the door.

Escape Action level 28: Slide to the the right the top right wood to get the banana, tap and slide the banana to the Gorilla.

Escape Action level 29: You have to make all the flower bloom by tap the button: First, fourth and fifth.

Escape Action level 30:  You have to clean the spider web by swipe it, to make it easy you must put your device on the table then swipe it with two finger left and right.

Escape Action level 31:

You have to balance the weight by tap the button on the bottom, there is three way to balance it.

Tap apple button 3 times, clock button once, smile button once.

Tap apple button once times, clock button 2 times, smile button once.

Tap apple button once times, smile button 2 times.

Escape Action level 32:  Tap the square on the door to make hammer symbol.


Escape Action level 33:  Get the knife on the wall then use it to cut the wall  by swipe cross on x mark.

Escape Action level 34: Tap the big rock on the door and hold it until three green dot light on.

Escape Action level 35:  You have to put the ball into the right hole. I have to use hint to solved this leve

Escape Action level 36:  First you have to get three yellow ball. Now tap the three ball on your inventory the tilt right your device so the ball will move round hole. Hold it until the door open.

Escape Action level 37:  You have to change the symbol at same line must be same symbol.

Escape Action level 38:  See the arrow right side the door, it mean you have tap the button based on lowest position in the picture, So you have tap : Boat, Man, Home, Cloud.

Escape Action level 39:  Pull the rope to show the board, you will see three arrow up and two arrow down and sound symbol. So you have press the volume button on your device: Volume up three times, Volume down twice.

Escape Action level 40:  You have to clean the leaves by swipe it then tap all buttons.

Escape Action level 41:

Slide the map and you will see the note, now you have to tap the drum:

2nd three times, 4th once, 1st twice, 3rd once, drum 1 once.

Escape Action level 42:  Change clock same with your device time.

Escape Action level 43: Count the difference between left and right picture on the door : top 2, bottom 3 set this number beside the door then press the button on the right wall.

Escape Action level 44:

Remove the leaves by slice it to see the flower, Now you have to tap the button according to the flower amount with same color.

Yellow 1x, red 1x, green 1x , cyan 3x.

Escape Action level 45:  Like fruit ninja game but on this game you have to slice wood fast and avoid the cog wheel.


Escape Action level 46: Tap the map then arrange the puzzle to make correct map, break the globe then get the missing pieces of the map.

Escape Action level 47:  tap all the square and the door will open

Escape Action level 48: See and count each cog rotation then enter the number according to the color : red 3, yellow 3, cyan 4, green 4.

Escape Action level 49:  First you have tap the torch to show the clue on the door. Now tap drum follow that clue : Left drum 2x, Middle drum 3x, Right drum 1x.

Escape Action level 50:  Use the board to catch the animal but avoid the fan.


Escape Action level 51: watch the video

Escape Action level 52:   watch the video

Escape Action level 53:  watch the video

Escape Action level 54:  watch the video

Escape Action level 55:  watch the video

Escape Action level 56:   watch the video

Escape Action level 57:   watch the video

Escape Action level 58:  watch the video

Escape Action level 59:  watch the video

Escape Action level 60:   watch the video




Escape Action Walkthrough, Guide, Tips and Cheats

 Escape Action Walkthrough, Guide, Tips and Cheats


Escape Action is #1 FREE PUZZLE GAME on Android. Can you solve all the challenging puzzles and escape the rooms?

You are a security expert specializing in testing the reliability of maximum security prisons. You job is to exploit the weaknesses of the prisons and escape without a hitch. But one day after you woke up, you found yourself framed and incarcerated in a secret house which is full of mystery rooms on different floors. You have to use your skills to break out of the rooms in order to escape. Now solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you can use in the rooms to escape and find out who trapped you!


How to Play:
– Tap, Tilt, Shake and Rotate you cell phone to solve the puzzles
– You can also pick up hidden items in the room and use them to find out a solution

Game Features:
– Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface and distinctive soundtrack
– 60+ toughest levels and more to come
– 15 in-game achievements and daily bonus to earn (up to 100 coins)



Traffic Racer Walkthrough, Cheats and Guide, Strategy

Traffic Racer Walkthrough, Cheats, strategy and Guide

Overview: Traffic Racer is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing

Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards.



– Stunning 3D graphics
– Smooth and realistic car handling
– 17 different cars to choose from
– 4 detailed environments: suburb, desert, snowy and city night
– 4 game modes: Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial and Free Ride
– Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.
– Basic customisation through paint and wheels
– Online Leaderboards and Achievements


– Tilt or Touch to steer
– Touch gas button to accelarate
– Touch brake button to slow down

– The faster you go the more scores you get
– When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
– Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra score and cash


Despicable Me Cheats

Despicable Me  Cheats

1. Rack Up on Those Bananas and Golden Bananas

As your minion runs to and fro, there will be plenty of bananas to see and pick up. All of the game’s many upgrades are tied to the collecting of bananas. Try and focus on picking up as many bananas as you can, plus you should hit up the levels you’ve already beaten so you can stock up on more. If you’re willing to spend a few bucks on Golden Bananas, you’ll get double points for every banana you pick up. Get your score multiplier a bit higher with that aforementioned item.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead of Your Minion 

It’s pretty common sense, but it must be said anyway – keep your eyes ahead of your super fast minion. Your eyes should be glued to the road ahead so you can have an easier time collecting all those items on the board. It pays to pay attention to the many obstacles and collectibles you’ll see ahead of your minion.

3. Know When to Tilt and Dodge in Mid-Air

As you eye those upcoming obstacles that pop up in your path, it’s best to take flight and switch lanes while your minion is airborne. Prepare for all those upcoming obstacles by jumping and switching lanes over and over. Simple.

4. Squash Other Minions, Get That Multiplier and Cop Extra Bananas

It pays to run and squash the other minions who are also running alongside you. If you’re looking to get your score multiplier higher (and are willing to ditch those big banana bunches), then squash all those darn minions. That score multiplier will make your banana collecting a lot more…well, “fruitful.” HA!

5. Try and Stay on the Boss Battle Stages a Bit Longer to Collect More Bananas knows that it’s way more helpful for players to tough it out on those boss levels (and unicorn stages): Rack up your score even more by dragging out the boss battles and the fluffy unicorn stages as well. In the unicorn stage, you’ll fall when you’re not touching bananas, so collect the bananas off and on to make it last longer. If Vector and Meena aren’t throwing too many robots at you, avoid them but don’t tap the target bots, so that you can continue racking up your score while you run, without worrying about any jumps or anything like that. Share these Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips and cheats! Share on Facebook Twitter Google+ Email

6. Here’s How to Take Out Vector posted up a few details on how to go about putting down one of the few bosses in the game, Vector: When fighting against Vector, you have to avoid the large units that he drops onto the lanes, but fire the shielded units back at him. All you have to do to take him down is tap on these explosive objects to send them hurtling towards his ship. Make sure you’re out of harm’s way before tapping though.

7. Pick Up the Unicorn to Try Another Minigame also spoke about the importance of picking up the Fluffy Unicorn Icon: Always prioritize grabbing the Fluffy Unicorn icon when it appears on the screen. You’ll need to unlock it from the store first, but once active this mini-game gives you the chance to earn some serious bananas. Use your tilt controls to steer the unicorn through the massive columns of currency.

8. Make Your Way to the Secret Disco Room

When you’re running through Guru’s lab, keep your eyes peeled for some bananas that veer off the track next to a pipe off to the right. Push your minion towards that area if you’re looking to pick up an nice lil’ bonus game – The Disco Room.


9. Here’s Some Gift Code Prizes

Despicable Me Minion Rush Tips Minion Rush will let you collect prizes, but you’ll need to know the right combinations needed to add them to your repertoire: –

5 Score Perks: Maid Minion + Hulu Minion + Baby Minion – Free Referee Minion: Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Hulu Minion – Kung Fu Taunt: Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion – Laughing Taunt: The Golf Minion + Baby Minion + Mustache Minion – 5 Banana Perks: Hula Minion + Mustache Minion + Firefighter Minion

10. These Are The Many Outfits and Bonuses That Come with

Them Besides the classic minion outfit that your minion gets to run with, there are other outfits that you can purchase with the bananas you collect. iPad’s site listed all the outfits and all their perks: –

Referee: Mega Minion lasts 5 seconds longer. Costs 2,500 bananas. –

Baby: Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 1 level. Costs 20,000 bananas. –

Mom: Banana Splitter, Freeze Ray, Banana Vacuum and Minion Shield last 5 seconds longer. Costs 150,000 bananas. –

Worker: 10% increase to bananas collected. Costs 550 bananas. –

Firefighter: Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 3 levels. Costs 1,200 bananas. –

Ninja: Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 6 levels. Costs 2,800 bananas. – Alarm: Mega Minion and Gru’s Rocket last 15 seconds longer. Costs 7,000 bananas. –

Dad: 1st Revive is free in every race. Costs 7,000 bananas. – Singer: Despicable Actions reward double Despicable points. Costs 550 bananas. –

Maid: Increases the chance of finding Freeze Rays. Costs 4,500 bananas.


Despicable Me Tips and Cheats

Game play tips and tricks

Stock up on bananas

The most obvious tip I can give you that will cost you nothing is to collect as many bananas as you can. Most character upgrades and level ups can be purchased in game with just the bananas you collect. Sometimes I’ll run through levels just to collect bananas and stock up.

If you aren’t opposed to spending some money, the Golden Banana purchase will give you double points for each banana you collect forever. You’ll rack up your tally super quick and be able to get upgrades twice as fast.

Facebook options

Connecting to Facebook not only allows you the ability to send your entertaining friends taunts and challenges but also gives you extra Gru tokens the first time you connect it, 50 to be exact. If you have a Facebook account, make sure you link it up.

If you don’t have Facebook, you’ll most likely spend a little more time collecting tokens in order to skip levels that require Facebook. You can either buy tokens or collect them during runs and by completing certain objectives. Once you’ve got a good stash of tokens, you can simply skip the tasks that require Facebook by paying a certain amount of tokens.


Don’t forget to collect your rewards

As you complete tasks, Gru tokens will become available to you for doing so. Make sure you don’t forget to claim them. Minion Rush is sneaky about not really explaining this.

In order to claim tokens for the achievements you’ve completed, tap on the Goals menu from the main screen. Along the top you’ll need to toggle from the goals tab to the achievements tab. Scroll through the list and see if any are completed. If they are you’ll see a claim button next to it.


As you get further into runs, you’ll notice bonus items that you can use to help you along. Powering these up can be done from the main menu. You’ll have to cash in your bananas though so choose which ones you want to cash in carefully.

For example, I have a tendency to level up things that bring me lots more bananas or despicable acts such as the unicorn and banana splitter.

Different costumes

The costumes menu allows you to buy different costumes for your minion. This feature isn’t just for fun though. Each costume has its own special powers or features. For example, some will increase your banana count automatically by a certain percentage when you complete a run wearing that costume. Other costumes make power ups last longer.

Stock up on whatever costumes you can afford with your tokens as you receive them.

Free tokens

Minion Rush gives you the ability to earn free Gru tokens whenever you’d like by watching short video ads. Each video you watch will give you 1 free token. The videos are anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds each so it isn’t impossible to rack up a decent amount of tokens in a short period of time.


If you don’t want to spend real money and you have some patience, it’s not a bad option. I’ve also used this when I’m only a few tokens away from buying a power up that I want since it’s quicker than finding tokens within runs or working towards an achievement to unlock it.

You can access the free tokens section of Minion Rush through the Costumes menu. You’ll see the button along the bottom labeled Free.

The Disco Room

While in Gru’s lab, watch for an area where you see bananas off the track and on a pipe off to the right. You can steer towards that for an awesome bonus portion of the game in the Disco Room.

Minion Rush Cheats

Gift Codes

Minion Rush has a section in the settings panel for gift codes. Here are the combinations of minions to use in order to unlock the corresponding prize:

  • 5 score perks – Maid Minion + Hulu Minion + Baby Minion
  • Free referee minion – Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Hulu Minion
  • Kung fu taunt – Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion
  • Laughing taunt – The Golf Minion + Baby Minion + Mustache Minion
  • 5 banana perks – Hula Minion + Mustache Minion + Firefighter Minion