asphalt 8 Secrets

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the eighth installment of Gameloft’s racing Asphalt series. It is powered by a physics engine, rendering the most immersive car racing experience on your mobile devices.

Asphalt 8 features 47 top licensed dream cars, 9 real world tracks and 6 unique races modes, including a newly added infected mode. You can race through 8 seasons in the Career Mode, or if you find that not challenging enough, you can partake in intense multiplayer online races in the World Series. No matter what type of racers you are, you will find your own position in this awesome racing game.

Choose Your Cars Wisely

There are 47 high-performance cars falling in 5 grades: D-grade, C-grade, B-grade, A-grade and S-grade(Each latter grade has better stats than the former). You start out with a D-grade car and use coins you gather to unlock more cars.

There are four stats to evaluate the performance of a car: Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, Nitro.

Acceleration determines has fast your car accelerates from 0 km/h to the top speed. The shorter time it takes, the less time you will waste on startover when crashed.

Top speed determines the cap your car’s speed. Generally speaking, your car will run at top speed if you are performing a perfect run. But in general, the faster the car is, the harder it is to be controlled. So to choose a car with controllable top speed is vital.

Handling determines how easy/difficult get your car under control. Some cars have perfect top speed, but low handling data, which means they are easy to crash and hard to control.

Nitro can add extra speed on the top speed. You can hit it up to 3 times to activate different power levels, but watch out: High power will drain it faster! Tapping Nitro once will make a red section appear on the Nitro bar. Tap Nitro again once your Nitro bar reaches that area and you will activate a special boost! Fill up your Nitro bar by executing awesome actions in-game, such as drifts, jumps, Knockdowns, City Havoc, Traffic Controls, Near Misses, Flat Spins, and Barrel Rolls. You can also find Nitro boosts scattered in different places on the tracks.

Overall, you are suggested to choose the ones with balanced stats when buying cars.  Acceleration and Handling are of greater importance than Top Speed, while Nitro can be taken as an additional reference.

Take the Shortcuts to Get an Edge off Your Opponents

There are currently 9 tracks in Asphalt 8: Barcelona, Tokyo, London, French Guiana, Iceland, Nevada, Monaco, Alps, and Venice. Each track, except the track of Venice, contains a main path and a bunch of branch roads. You may always follow the main path, but usually they are not the shortest path to take.

These shortcuts are useful in three main facets. First, they provide a shorter route than the main path, shaving precious seconds off your race time and giving you a slight lead over the competition – unless they take the same route, obviously. Second, you’ll find jumps that give you air time and much-needed boost energy. Third, you’ll find more Nitro pick-ups in these areas, which you can either use immediately or save for that last-second push towards the finish line.

Guide on Race Modes

Race Mode: Classic

A classic race with one goal: Take the first place to win! In Career Mode, first place awards three stars, second place awards two, and third place only one.

Race Mode: Versus

Compete against one other racer. Whoever comes in first gets three stars! The other gets a one-way ticket to Loserville.

Racer Mode: Elimination

There’s a timer in the race, and every time it gets to zero, whoever is in last place is eliminated. Then the timer resets and the process starts again. Last one standing wins!

Race Mode: Gate Drift

There are several gates around the track that you must drift through to get points. There are no opponents, only a time limit. Beat the target score to win. Drift through successive gates for bonus points!

Race Mode: Knockdown

A time-limited event where you must knock down the most racers to win. If the Racers are tied at the end of regular time, the game enters sudden death. The first racer to perform a knockdown wins. After 30 seconds, if nobody has performed a knockdown, whoever is racing in front wins!

Race Mode: Infected

There’s an infection on the track and patient zero is the racer in last place. The infected racer gets a timer that, if it runs out, will cause their car to wreck but will cure the infection. The infected racer is also granted infinite Nitro and can gain more time by running into other racers. First one to cross the finish line wins.

Some Useful Tips

As with any racing game, superior handling is of the greatest importance in Asphalt 8. It’s okay to lose the first few games, for as long as you take your time to memorize the track and adjust your controls so that you would be able to maneuver each lap with relative ease. Remember to use drifting controls and to maintain high but controllable speeds at all times.

It is also very essential to protect your position, especially if you are in the lead and there are lots of other vehicles close behind you. Remember not to make silly mistakes, for you cannot afford a crash at this time. Protect the lanes so that you can avoid letting them pass you by. If you feel that you position is in danger, use the Nitro button to make a hasty rush to further your lead.

Use your Nitro at the right place and the right time. This resource is especially important during straight stretches or when going up ramps. Nitro is not quite effective when it comes to turns, but experienced players may be able to combine this move with drifting.

Save your coins for vehicles rather than for upgrades. Save upgrades until you have at least one vehicle per class. Some events or missions require that a vehicle from a specific class be used, so you might find yourself stuck without a vehicle at a certain stage, forcing you to grind in order to come up with the necessary funds. Purchase a superior car before doing upgrades, as these are the vehicles that you will be using in the long run.

Last but not least, don’t miss any opportunity to collect nitro boosts. Not only will drifting, crashing through vehicles, and ramping earn you this precious resource, but this will earn you extra coins as well. In a tight race, having a lot of nitro at hand may very well assure you victory. Another piece of important advice is to look for shortcuts in the track. Some of these may be obscured, but accessing these will provide you with a good shortcut, and often a healthy supply of ramps as well.